Dodge / Ram CEO Tim Kuniskis Set To Retire On June 1st

Kuniskis Held An Impressive 32-Year Career At Chrysler...

Tim Kuniskis is leaving Stellantis! According to a press release this morning from the automaker, Kuniskis, who currently is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for both the Dodge and Ram brands and has been at the forefront of FCA US management since 2011, is retiring. Kuniskis has been a key component in the company’s success and was the one who led the Dodge brand into the modern performance era.

Kuniskis first fell into the spotlight when he was appointed the Head of FIAT North America after Laura Soave was fired for having an “improper relationship” with the former CEO of an advertising agency connected to the brand, citing a conflict of interest. Kuniskis had worked his way up through the sales and dealer operation in the Orlando area for Chrysler since 1993. He was then a senior manager at the Midwest Business Center before becoming a Marketing Director for the Chrysler brand in 2009.

Tim Kuniskis at M1 Concourse Cars & Coffee.

In 2014, former FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne tapped Tim to lead the Dodge brand, replacing Ralph Gilles, who maintained his leadership position in Product Design. Under Kuniskis’ leadership, Dodge released a new era of performance with its HELLCAT HEMI® engines, taking the brand on an even greater path for performance. Kuniskis, who is a true car enthusiast, was a natural at the helm. At the same time, he also led the company’s fleet operations.

In 2015, Kuniskis was named Head of Passenger Car Brands, leading four (Chrysler, Dodge, SRT, and FIAT) brands. At this time, he would be appointed to the Group Executive Council (GEC), the highest management-level decision-making body within the FCA organization. In 2018, Kuniskis left the Chrysler, Dodge, SRT, and FIAT brands to become the Global Head of the Alfa Romeo brand, Head of the Maserati brand, and Head of Jeep® North America(replacing Mike Manley after he was appointed CEO after Marchionne’s death).

Tim Kuniskis at the launch of the 2015 Dodge Charger SRT HELLCAT.

Under Mike Manley’s reign at the company, he was again tapped to lead the passenger brands. After FCA merged with PSA Groupe, Kuniskis would have his job duties dropped to just leading the Dodge brand in 2021. Last year, he was tasked with taking over the Ram brand after Ram CEO Mike Koval, Jr. was moved over to lead the Mopar parts division. Needless to say, Kuniskis had his foot in every brand under the FCA brand under his tenure at the automaker, making him one of the most important people and a leading image for the automaker.

With Kuniskis leaving, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares has appointed current Chrysler CEO Christine “Chris” Feuell to lead the Ram brand. Feuell has led Chrysler in its transformation to an all-electric car brand. 
Tim Kuniskis at the launch of the 2017 Dodge Charger Daytona at Vinsetta Garage.
Matt McAlear will replace Kuniskis as the Dodge brand CEO and become a member of the Top Executive Team. In his previous role, McAlear led Dodge’s sales operations and has experience in the automotive, medical, and digital industries. 
The changes will become effective June 1, 2024. 
“I want to take the opportunity to warmly thank Tim for his passion, commitment, and contributions to Stellantis and in defining the vision of the future electrified Ram and Dodge brands. I wish him well in his retirement,” Tavares said in a press release. “I am confident that Chris will continue the work of Tim in leading the iconic Ram brand. Matt will bring a fresh perspective, while continuing to draw on the heritage of our iconic Dodge brand and leading the transition of the brand toward a sustainable future.” 
We at MoparInsiders wish Tim a great retirement and hope to see him at local car events in the Detroit area.

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