Leah Pritchett Brings Her Challenger Drag Pak To The Hoonigan Garage:

Everything You Wanted To Know About "El Bandito"...

If you are an avid reader of MoparInsiders, you will know we are huge fans of Dodge/Mopar driver Leah Pritchett. After winning three straight races in the NHRA SAMTech Factory Showdown Series, she clinched the Factory Showdown Championship in her 2009 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak

If any of you follow Leah, you will know one of her sponsors is Hoonigan. The automotive website also has Leah guest star in many of their segments. This time, Pritchett and her crew chief Kevin Helms (a 4x stock series Champion, himself) brought her championship winning Drag Pak to the Hoonigan garage for an in-depth tour.

Kevin and Leah, explain the rules of the class as well as talk about everything you wanted to know about this special 7-second factory built race car, “El Bandito”.


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