Jeep® Continues To Dominate LEV Market In Italy With 4xe Lineup!

Renegade, Compass, Grand Cherokee, & Wrangler 4xe Models...

The success of the Jeep® brand’s 4xe plug-in hybrid technology continues, as the Renegade and Compass 4xe models continued to dominate the Italian Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) market in the month of May. The American adventure brand achieved a record share of over 22% of the electrified market including both battery-electric vehicles (LEV) and plug-in hybrids (PHEV) vehicles.

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The success is partially due to the “Made In Italy” marketing campaign for both the Renegade and Compass. The Renegade 4xe is the best-selling vehicle in its segment (as well as its Internal Combustion Engine or “ICE” counterpart), while the Compass 4xe is the best-selling LEV ever in the country and the best-selling vehicle in its segment (as well as its ICE counterpart).

The Wrangler Unlimited 4xe has also done very well in its segment. With the arrival of the Grand Cherokee 4xe, the brand’s two biggest flagships will be offered as electrified models for the first time in the European market.

The brand took an overall market share of 4.7% in Italy during the month of May. That was an increase of 0.5% compared to the same month last year. It makes the American brand the sixth best-selling automaker in Italy.

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“The commercial result of the month of May is extraordinary, but it does not surprise us. Already in April, we exceeded the 20% threshold in the LEV sector, and these results are in line with a consolidated leadership in the full year 2021. The fact that in Italy one in five low-emission vehicles is a Jeep 4xe SUV is a stimulus for us to continue along a path of success and to open up to new unexplored perspectives, in line with the pioneering spirit of the brand,“ commented Alessandro Grosso, Country Manager Jeep Italy. “The 4xe technology immediately became a brand in the Jeep brand, synonymous with maximum comfort and total safety, in any environmental condition, zero emissions, and about 50 km (31 miles) of electric range with the same off-road capacity as always, the one that made Jeep famous around the world.“

“And as per the tradition of the brand, we do not want to stop, on the contrary, we continue to explore new ways to anticipate the wishes of our customers, satisfy their every need, and excel in all the qualitative indicators of the customer journey,“ said Grosso. “Furthermore, we work with great conviction in electronic commerce, through a digital platform that condenses the best of the virtual and traditional experiences. This integration creates additional points of contact with customers and allows us to intercept and respond to all mobility needs “.

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In fact, the evolution of the Jeep customer tends not only towards more modern and sustainable technology but also towards innovative purchasing solutions: the month of May once again underlined the centrality of online sales, up compared to the previous month. Over 750 customers have chosen to purchase their new Jeep SUV on the digital platform. The contribution of the dealer network is crucial in this new process, always at the center of the purchase and delivery process and assisting during the user experience.

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Parallel to the success of the 4xe models, the brand’s strategy continues towards the development of increasingly sustainable mobility with the launch of the new e-Hybrid versions of the Jeep Compass and Renegade, which are added to the 4xe offerings. With the introduction of the new e-Hybrid models, in fact, the Jeep brand offers customers a further opportunity to approach the electrified range and takes another step in the electrification process, confirming its commitment to a future-oriented towards sustainable mobility and to the strengthening of the “Zero-Emissions, 100% Freedom” vision.

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