Jeep® Continues The Groundhog Day Tradition With Extended Cut & Apparel:

Jeep's New e-Bike Also Makes Appearance...

This past Sunday, the Jeep® brand launched its 60-second Super Bowl commercial starring Bill Murray reprising his role as Phil Connors from the 1993 film “Groundhog Day.” Like many of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Super Bowl commercials, it was a huge success. According to TV ratings, around 102 million people were watching the game live on Fox. But when you consider the commercial has had over 50 million views on the Jeep YouTube channel alone, there is no doubt it was well worth the money spent for the iconic American brand.

Jeep® Gladiator Super Bowl LIV Groundhog Day Commercial. (Jeep®).

The annual USA TODAY Ad Meter results are in and the Jeep® brand’s “Groundhog Day” commercial, placed #1 among all 62 commercials available for rankings. USA Today’s Ad Meter is an annual survey taken of television commercials by USA Today in a live online poll leading up to and during the Big Game telecast in the United States. 

The process in which FCA who got Murray to agree to do the commercial is a pretty interesting story in itself, as CNBC recently found out.

Well, since the “Big Game” the Jeep brand has reissued an extended cut of the commercial with 45-seconds of additional unused footage. So for those who are a fan of the film, it adds even more nostalgia to the whole experience.

Jeep® e-Bike Featured In The Groundhog Day Commercial. (Jeep).

If you were paying close attention to the details of the commercial itself, you might have noticed Bill Murray and the groundhog getting ready for adventure on the all-new Jeep-branded e-Bike powered by QuietKat. The new e-Bike is the most capable off-road electric mountain bike there is. It will be officially making its debut this June. To learn more about it, you can visit the official Jeep e-Bike website.

Jeep® Gladiator Groundhog Day Gear. (Jeep).

The Jeep brand has also launched some limited-edition Jeep Gladiator “Groundhog Day” gear on the Jeep Gear website. T-shirts, hats, and even a groundhog plush doll are available for a limited time on the site. The appeal will arrive at the customer’s doorsteps around the end of this month.

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