FIAT Teases Its Upcoming 600e B-Segment UV

New Italian EV Will Be Based On The European Jeep® Avenger...

FIAT has made a significant debut at the World Meeting on Human Fraternity, “Not Alone.” During this international event organized by the Vatican Foundation “Fratelli Tutti,” FIAT unveiled its latest electric vehicle, the groundbreaking 600e. This marks the official introduction of the 600e to the world, showcasing its innovative design and features. The 600e is based on the cutting-edge European battery-electric Jeep® Avenger (JJ), representing a remarkable collaboration within the Stellantis family.

2024 Fiat 600e Teaser. (FIAT).

The World Meeting on Human Fraternity provided the perfect platform for FIAT to reveal its newest addition to the electric vehicle market, the 600e. This momentous occasion marked the first official public appearance of the vehicle. With its distinct design and advanced electric technology, the 600e represents FIAT’s commitment to creating a sustainable and inclusive future.

2024 Fiat 600e Teaser. (FIAT).

The Fiat 600e is built on the foundation of the European battery-electric Jeep Avenger, emphasizing the collaborative efforts within the Stellantis family. Leveraging the technological advancements and expertise of the Jeep® brand, FIAT has crafted a vehicle that combines style, sustainability, and efficiency. This unique partnership showcases the collective dedication of Stellantis brands toward developing cutting-edge electric vehicles that meet the demands of a changing automotive landscape.

2024 Fiat 600e Teaser. (FIAT).

The Fiat 600e inherits the sleek and modern design elements from the 500e, but this time wraps them in a four-door B-segment vehicle. Its aesthetic appeal is complemented by the advanced electric powertrain, offering a sustainable and environmentally friendly driving experience. With zero emissions and an efficient battery system, the 600e reflects FIAT’s commitment to ecological responsibility and aligns with the principles advocated in Pope Francis’ Encyclical “Laudato Sì.”

We hope to learn more about the new 600e in the very near future.

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While it is wise to keep the Jeep Avenger out of North America, I think the Fiat 600e could be a great addition to the Fiat line up here.

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If Fiat becomes apart of more CDJR showrooms then yes, might work the second time around for the 500X/600. Too bad the front end is sorta crap.

Curious about Alfa Romeo 'Kid' (Breenero) more now since they're actually giving these distinct designs and not pulling a Tonale/Hornet

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PSA does a good job with brand identity coachwork, less Avenger then I thought.

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