Abarth 500e: Merging Power and Elegance Inspired by the Scorpion!

Scorpion Themes Influences The New 500e Design...

The Abarth 500e showcases a design that seamlessly blends elegance and aggressiveness, drawing inspiration from the scorpion’s appearance to emphasize its power, lightness, and aerodynamic strength. The Centro Stile’s car designers have skillfully woven the scorpion’s essence into the interior and exterior of this modern electrified marvel. Let’s explore the captivating design elements that make the Abarth 500e a truly unique and eye-catching vehicle.

The scorpion’s influence is immediately noticeable in the design of the Abarth 500e. The front bumper features an extended length with an aerodynamic side wing, exuding strength, and structure. The scorpion’s claw makes its presence felt in the front bumper and the wheels. The wheels, available in 17-inch and 18-inch diamond-cut versions, reinforce the circularity of this distinctive element and enhance the car’s overall side view.

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The scorpion’s legs find representation in the design of the aero dam, which serves a functional purpose by allowing air to pass through and showcasing a unique aesthetic. The front flap connected to the side skirt further enhances aerodynamics, improving the car’s performance. Taking cues from the scorpion’s protective shell, this design element also provides coverage for the wheels from the front, enhancing the vehicle’s aerodynamic performance.

To express sportiness and improve aerodynamic penetration, the front of the Abarth 500e has been reimagined to appear lower and longer. The fluid and pure forms of the scorpion are evident in the redesigned front, radiating seriousness, charm, and quality. The removal of the upper DRL “eyebrow” on the hood contributes to the sportier look and reduces weight, resulting in extreme lightness. This weight reduction decision allows for a more assertive and decisive lighting expression.

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The bold red line known as the Omega Sign on the front accentuates the placement of the new Abarth script, featuring the smallest historical logo on top at the border of the bonnet. The rear of the vehicle incorporates the scorpion’s triangular shape in the reinterpretation of the aero extractor, with the white color accent of the insert creating an original connection with the vertical fins.

The scorpion continues to be a prominent design element within the interior of the Abarth 500e, which has been meticulously engineered to maximize driving comfort. The seats contoured like a scorpion, offer bold sections that provide both comfort and secure lateral containment. These seats epitomize the dualism of the scorpion’s body, striking a balance between strength and fluidity. The Scorpion signature logo design further captures the essence of the brand by blending heritage and innovation elements.

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The Scorpion signature logo underwent a redesign to reflect the Abarth 500e’s transformation from a traditional vehicle to an all-electric one. The logo represents the union of performance and innovation, fun, and sustainability. It dominates the bonnet, evoking nostalgia and harking back to the brand’s history. The electrified logo can also be found on the wheels, without the lightning bolt, as well as on the side of the vehicle. The interior features the new Scorpion logo on the headrest, steering wheel, and seat covers, and centrally framed on the glitched pedals, which introduce a fresh design language.

Great attention has been given to colors and trims in order to infuse the Abarth 500e with a contrasting blend of sportiness and premiumness, highlighting its electric aspects. The glitch effect, reminiscent of cutting-edge technology, adds excitement and dynamism to the vehicle. The acid green color conveys a sense of boldness and energy, symbolizing speed and performance. On the other hand, the poison blue color exudes elegance and modernity. Both colors allow the owner’s personality to shine, turning heads as the car effortlessly glides. The interior continues the theme of power and premiumness, employing a dark and warm color palette that exudes sophistication and a futuristic touch.

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Abarth still hasn’t announced if the North American market will receive the 500e yet. However, Fiat will bring the standard 500e to the U.S. and Canada later this year, so we think there is a good chance we could be seeing the Abarth model showing up sometime next year.

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