UPDATED: FIAT Reveals Creation Of Its Next Concept Car:

Vehicle Will Debut At The Sao Paulo Motor Show On Nov. 6th...

Once again, Fiat is preparing to anticipate trends and indicate the future. The newest concept car brand will be presented at the Motor Show in Sao Paulo, with a mission to translate the four new principles of Design for Fiat in Latin America: human ( human ), bold ( bold ), contemporary and flexible ( contextual ), and capable of generating experiences without interruptions ( seamless ). These are principles that will inspire upcoming brand launches, including in the UV segment ( Utility Vehicles ).

Fiat Fastback Concept. (FIAT).

Completely designed at the Latam Design Center, located at the Fiat Automotive Polo in Betim (MG), the concept car was created to expose the vision of the Fiat brand. Of Italian soul, it brings bold lines that convey sportiness and elegance, with authenticity. “It’s unprecedented and surprising,” said Peter Fassbender, director of FCA’s Design Center for Latin America.

Fiat Fastback Concept. (FIAT).

With maximum aesthetic freedom, the creation of the concept car looks to the future, connecting Fiat to the essence of Italian design, with proportions that capture, with balance, the beauty of the forms, not forgetting the functionality. “More than the strength of the forms, it’s a concept car that makes sense for people’s lives, inspired by the most diverse audiences with different lifestyles,” says Daniel Gerzson, the International Design leader for FCA Latin America.

Fiat Fastback Concept. (FIAT).

The concept car that will be presented at the São Paulo Motor Show this year will be the eighth of the brand. “Fiat is the only one in Brazil with eight concept cars in its portfolio, with a differential being fully designed by the Brazilian team,” says Fassbender. The first was born in 2006, under the name FCC Adventure, an off-road sports car. The FCC II came in 2008 with the Environment & Fun concept. From Brazil to the world, the Fiat Mio, introduced in 2010, has become a bold reference. Created on an open innovation platform, Fiat Mio was built with the participation of 17,140 people from over 160 countries, who sent 11,937 ideas.

Fiat Fastback Concept. (FIAT).

With the aim of communicating behind the scenes of the creation of the eighth concept car, Fiat will publish teasers until the opening of the São Paulo Motor Show, whetting public curiosity. It will reveal the stages of transformation of ideas until the materialization of the concept car, from the machining to the arrival of the concept for exhibition in the Salon.

Editor’s Note: The four teaser videos below feature subtitles if you click on the YouTube settings for subtitles, which you can then have been them translated to English.


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