FCA’s Rivalta Plant to Become New Mopar Hub Serving World Markets:

Mopar Is Growing In Europe, Middle East & Africa Regions...

The historic Fiat plant in Rivalta, located near Turin in Italy, is set to become one of the Mopar brand’s global parts and distribution centers serving Europe, the Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and additional world markets.

Prompted by the rapid global expansion of Mopar, the service, parts and customer-care brand for FCA vehicles, this project will transform a former vehicle production plant into an innovative, energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable parts and accessories storage and distribution warehouse. The new facility will support over 5,000 locations, significantly improving delivery time to dealerships and workshops, increasing customer service quality as a result.

“As we grow the Mopar brand around the world, customer satisfaction continues to be one of our key global priorities,” said Pietro Gorlier, Global Head of Parts and Service (Mopar) and Chief Operating Officer of the EMEA region. “Delivery of the right part at the right time around the globe is at the core of what we do, so we continue to invest in our more than 50 parts distribution centers worldwide. In the case of Rivalta, we are proud to revive a building with a great industrial legacy and transform it into a state-of the art, forward-looking international parts distribution hub that will serve our markets in Europe and beyond.”

The Mopar brand continues to invest to meet an increasing global demand that saw over 47,000 tons of parts and accessories distributed in the past 12 months in support of more than 7,000 dealers and workshops throughout the EMEA region alone. In Europe, the brand offers a portfolio of more than 260,000 accessories and parts for all FCA vehicle brands. Mopar operates in more than 160 markets and has more than 50 parts distribution centers located in more than 20 countries.

The Old Fiat Plant In Rivalta, Italy Will Become A New Mopar Distribution Center For The EMEA Region. (Mopar).

The Rivalta Project:
The Rivalta project is set to optimize the Mopar brand’s global operation, with approximately 3.66 million square feet of space, of which 431,000 square feet will consist of new buildings. The vehicle storage and dispatch area will be strategically located to allow prompt access to main roads, ensuring significant advantages in terms of parts handling and logistics. By 2020, the new structure will also host the regional headquarters of Mopar.

Acoustics, indoor climate control, furniture design and the natural and artificial lighting of the facility are designed to guarantee the optimum work environment for employees.

The project will implement energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable features, including use of solar panels, fitting rainwater recovery systems and use of eco-friendly materials, in all cases carefully assessing resource life cycles, from production to disposal.

The new parts management warehouses will implement innovative solutions in terms of ergonomics of the work stations used by personnel.

From inception, the facility was designed to achieve the highest level in “World Class Logistics,” a prestigious world certification program with objectives that include the elimination of waste in customer service logistic processes. The Mopar brand was awarded Silver level certification for the facility in 2017 and is the only brand/warehouse in the region to have achieved this recognition.

New Mopar offices at the Rivalta facility add up to approximately 140,000 square feet. The headquarters will contain office space, conference rooms, a cafeteria, restaurants, a conference hall, a large parking area and landscaped outdoor areas available to workers.

The Rivalta plant started operation in 1967 and produced many of Fiat’s most popular models, such as the Fiat 124 Spider, Dino, Ritmo and Bravo.

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