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Fans Helped Celebrate Alfa Romeo’s 110th Anniversary In Italy:

Take A Virtual Tour Of The Alfa Romeo Museum...

Last week, fans of the Alfa Romeo brand, otherwise known as “Alfisti,” paraded modern and classic vehicles on the track at the Alfa Romeo Museum, to celebrate Alfa Romeo’s 110th anniversary on June 24th, 2020. The museum reopened its doors for this event, providing access to both media and public, and following all current health and safety guidelines. On this special occasion, the brand also invited fans from around the world to join the celebratory festivities online, to see new sections of the museum and enjoy exclusive video content.  

Alfa Romeo Museum – Bellezza Section. (Alfa Romeo).

Located in Arese, on the outskirts of Milan, the Alfa Romeo Museum is a true brand center that houses more than 200 historical vehicles, the Documentation Center, artifacts, and a test track for dynamic activities. The museum offers modern amenities to welcome visitors with every comfort: from the restaurant to the store, from the private event spaces to the sales showroom, the Alfa Romeo Museum is a link between the past, present, and future of the brand. 

Take a virtual tour with us in the following videos of the reopened Alfa Romeo Museum below…

Introduction – Alfa Romeo Museum:

Timeline – This part of the museum represents its industrial continuity:

Bellezza or “Beauty”  – This area of the museum combines style, design, and lifestyle of the Alfa Romeo brand.

Velocità or “Speed” – Is a synthesis of technology, sportiness, and driving pleasure, dedicated to the brand’s history of performance.

Archives – A part of the museum which has never been opened to the public before. It features some of the sketches, documents, photographs, and videos of some of the most important vehicles in the brand’s history.

Collezione or “Collection” – Some of the collectibles pieces that are housed at the iconic Alfa Romeo Museum.

110th Anniversary Alfa Romeo Celebration Image Gallery:

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