Dodge Durango SRT Mopar ’18 Limited Editions Arriving At Dealers:

Only 250 Of These Vehicles Are Being Produced...

A few weeks ago, we showed you dealer material of a Mopar ’18 special edition vehicle that was based off of a concept SEMA vehicle from 2017. That vehicle was the 2018 Dodge Durango SRT Mopar ’18. While Mopar nor Dodge officially announced the production of this special edition vehicle, we are happy to say they are quietly showing up on select dealer lots right now.

Dodge Durango SRT Mopar ’18 Badge. (Louisville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram).

The 2018 Dodge Durango SRT Mopar ’18 includes the following…

  • Custom Two-Tone Paint Scheme
  • Unique Mopar ’18 Exterior Badging Front & Rear
  • Custom Interior With Mopar Logo Embroidered On Seatback
  • Serialized Badge On Console
  • Special Owner’s Kit Delivered To Customer

While you may think that this package is just a limited edition appearance package, guess again. The Mopar ’18 includes Mopar Performance Parts upgrades installed by the dealer that include…

  • Mopar Performance Exhaust
  • Mopar SRT Performance Springs
  • All Installation Is Paid For By Mopar
Dodge Durango SRT Mopar ’18 Window Sticker. (Mopar).

There are only 250 of these rear Octane Red and Black performance SUVs up for grabs. Why Mopar and Dodge have been so secretive about this limited edition Durango SRT is beyond us. The package is amazing looking and adds a few performance upgrades to the Durango SRT, that are probably some of the most common aftermarket changes to the Durango SRT right from the dealer with a fully warranty. The package retails for $7,995 U.S. MSRP.


Robert S. Miller

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