Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis, Hints At What Lies Ahead In 2022!

Dodge Will Show eMuscle Concept Car In Q1 Of 2022...

Just days after we discussed details about the next-generation Dodge Charger and Challenger, both Motor Authority and Motor Trend discussed the future of the American performance brand, with Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis. Although there wasn’t a lot of new information from the article, Kuniskis did drop some hints at what we can expect for the 2022 model year.

The First-Ever All-Electric Dodge eMuscle Car In 2022 – 

Front of the Dodge eMuscle Concept Car. (Dodge).

The biggest news was Kuniskis’ announcement that Dodge will show a concept version of its upcoming all-electric eMuscle car during the Q1 of 2022. Sources close to MoparInsiders.com have confirmed that the all-new eMuscle car will be based on the next-generation Dodge Challenger (LB), when it hits dealer showrooms in 2024. But as for the concept version, according to Kuniskis, the concept will be a full-working model, capable of high-speed driving. 

We expect to see something more drag-racing-oriented to intimidate the new 1,050 horsepower tri-motor all-wheel-drive (AWD), Tesla Model S Plaid. 

In the teaser video released by Dodge during its EV Day 2021 Presentation, a conceptual eMuscle car showed an AWD burnout with retro elements harkening back to Dodge’s storied muscle-car past. Stellantis announced during the same event, that the next-generation Dodge muscle cars would be based on the new STLA Large architecture. For its electrified offering, Stellantis would offer an array of electric motors with up to 442 horsepower (330 kW) in its largest form. 

The rear of the Dodge eMuscle Concept Car. (Dodge).

This means that if Dodge plans on competing with the Model S Plaid, a tri-motor, AWD, eMuscle car from Dodge could have near 1,320 horsepower (hmmm, there is 1,320 feet in a quarter-mile, maybe there is something there). Stellantis has also said that it plans on equipping its future offering with 400-volt/800-volt charging capability. The Model S Plaid does offer an 800-volt charging capability and Motor Trend recently tested its charging capability at a V3 250-kW supercharger station, showing the Plaid can recover 187 miles of driving range in 15 minutes.

Stellantis says the new Dodge eMuscle cars will have up to a 500-mile range when they hit the market in 2024. Kuniskis told both publications, that he is waiting for the patents to be finalized before showing off the car. The concept will debut in Q1 2022, and no later than Q2 2022, depending on when those patents are complete.

Fratzog Returns, But Only On Electric – 

Dodge “Frathog” Logo. (Dodge).

In the teaser video shown at the EV Day 2021 Pesentation, the conceptual eMuscle car highlighted in the video was wearing a lit-up version of Dodge’s classic “Fratzog” logo. The logo was used by the Dodge brand from the early-1960s until the mid-1970s, during the muscle car era which the brand is based on today. You may be wondering what does Fratzog mean? But it has no meaning, it is just something the design studio whipped up.

“It still means absolutely nothing and has no relevance or significance as to why we’re using it now either,” Kuniskis told Motor Trend. But, backlit and in 3D, “it looks cool and high-tech and modern and looks like it represents electrification. ”

But he did say, that all electrified Dodges will feature the Fratzog rather than the current Dodge “Rhombi” stripes. The Rhombi stripes will continue on internal combustion engine (ICE) powered vehicles for the brand. A subtle way of differentiating the offerings. And no, it will not be a “sub-brand” like the whole Wagoneer deal.

An All-New Plug-In Vehicle – 

Could this be the all-new Dodge Hornet hidden in the EV Day 2021 Presentation? (Stellantis).

Kuniskis also dropped the hint of an all-new Dodge car-based vehicle with plug-in hybrid (PHEV) technology, will make its debut sometime soon, and will go into production by the end of 2022.

Unfortunately, for Dodge and Kuniskis, the vehicle he is talking about has been one of the worst-kept secrets in the industry. The all-new 2023 Dodge Hornet (GG) will be based on the upcoming Alfa Romeo Tonale and will be built in Italy. It will be slightly larger than the current Jeep® Compass and be the brand’s first PHEV when it hits the market. 

Sources close to MoparInsiders.com, state the Hornet will be powered by the familiar turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four-cylinder from the company’s Global Medium Engine or GME family. It will share a very similar PHEV system to the one found on the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4xe and Grand Cherokee 4xe.

Significant Third Model For Dodge – 

Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis, teasing the next generation of Dodge muscle car. (Stellantis).

Kuniskis hinted that a significant “third” new model will be shown during 2022. This is in addition to the BEV concept and the PHEV model. Kuniskis wouldn’t say anything else, except for “The third one is going to be a very, very, very, significant car at the end of the year.”

Could it be a Demon-variant of the Charger? The long-awaited Challenger ACR? We don’t know yet. He could be simply talking about the introduction of the non-PHEV model of the Hornet.

All we know is, Dodge still has some exciting new things planned for 2022. Here is to the new year!

Robert S. Miller

Robert S. Miller is a diehard Mopar enthusiast who lives and breathes all that is Mopar. The Michigander is not only the Editor for MoparInsiders.com, 5thGenRams.com, and HDRams.com but an automotive photographer. He is an avid fan of offshore powerboat racing, which he travels the country to take part in.

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