Citroën Creates C3 ELLE Limited Edition For 2022 Model Year!

ELLE Limited Edition, Returns To C3 Lineup...

Citroën continues its adventure with ELLE by unveiling a new C3 ELLE limited edition. Citroën is once again animating its top-selling range by inviting the iconic feminine brand to affix its signature to C3 – “Since 1945 & forever” – printed simply in white letters on a black ribbon, in reference to its first issue released on November 21st, 1945. This partnership between two iconic French brands arose from a common ambition to promote women through fashion, elegance, well-being, and social issues.

2022 Citroën C3 ELLE Limited Edition. (Citroën).

“For 77 years, the ELLE brand has always been by women’s side, supporting them in every area of ​​their lives by offering an exclusive and unparalleled approach to fashion, beauty, culture, and lifestyle. This partnership is part of a philosophy shared with Citroën, of promoting all women and their elegance, in their habits and their daily lives,” says Sandrine Gay, Director of the ELLE Licence Collection

Through its modernity and personality, Citroën C3 ELLE is the perfect embodiment of the lifestyle of active women and offers an ideal of urban mobility with style, optimism, and assurance. This version follows a first limited edition of which more than 9,000 were sold worldwide in 2018. Since C3 customers are sensitive to the customization possibilities offered by the city car (nearly 60% were two-tone in 2021), as well as strongly oriented towards technology and comfort (44% of Shine and Shine Pack versions), the design of the ELLE 2022 special edition takes into account these trends and its customers’ purchasing criteria.

C3 ELLE has a two-tone exterior as standard, with a choice of two roof colors, white or black, in reference to the colors of the ELLE logo. Black, synonymous with elegance and refinement, and white, symbolizing purity and simplicity, facilitate the association with the available body colors: Sand, Polar White, Steel Grey, Platinium Grey, or Perla Nera Black.

2022 Citroën C3 ELLE Limited Edition. (Citroën).

Citroën intends to accentuate the appeal of C3 by proposing a new Matte Silver Blue Color Pack, a deep glacier blue with metallic highlights, giving it freshness and modernity and which goes perfectly with all body colors. On the outside, colored dots cover the Airbump® inserts, the headlight inserts on the grille as well as on the surround of the roof sticker, ensuring that C3 ELLE perfectly matches the very latest colors.

C3 ELLE is in step with the times, presenting a previously unknown graphic and urban side.  As a common theme, in white letters on a black ribbon, the ELLE brand signature – “Since 1945 & forever” – features various elements of the vehicle, both inside and outside. The ELLE ribbon in black and white, a winning and timeless combination in the world of fashion, is paired with a strong typeface to fully reflect its era.

The outline of the distinctive C3 roof capsule is expanded to feature the ribbon and its slogan. The roof sticker features an interplay of contrasts and matte effects, according to the color chosen to highlight particular elements. With a white roof, the matte effect appears on the surround of the grainy bluish capsule, emphasizing the color for a more consistent overall look, while the ribbon is matte to make the ELLE logo stand out on the black roof.

2022 Citroën C3 ELLE Limited Edition. (Citroën).

The new quarter-panel decoration again features the black ribbon background this time imprinted with the ELLE monogram in the brand’s emblematic typeface, created in 1945.

The customization continues in the passenger compartment, with an ambiance that is perfectly in tune with the new Silver Blue Color Pack, and that adorns the two-tone Advanced Comfort seats (the main upholstery is a Light Prussian Grey fabric which brightens the passenger compartment, while the soft and comfortable backrest top is in Wind Grey Alcantara, a dark blue-grey). A screen-printed decorative strip featuring the reinterpreted chevron pattern offers bluish satin highlights to delimit the upper part of the backrest from the rest of the seat.

Alternation of materials helps to enhance the dashboard: for the first time on a special edition, Alcantara – generally present on premium versions – appears on the C3 ELLE dashboard trim. Its Matte Wind Grey contrasts with the Color Pack’s frosted effect metallic blue surround. Another thoughtful little detail is the double vertical stitching in the same blue, a discreet and chic feature on the Alcantara.

2022 Citroën C3 ELLE Limited Edition. (Citroën).

The ELLE monogram appears in full on the solid background of the floor mats, outlined by the black ribbon with the white slogan. The keyring and the onboard pocket also both proudly display the two logos of the Citroën and ELLE partners.

“ELLE and Citroën have once again created a modern combination with plenty of style for C3. The pastel blue of the new Matte Silver Blue Color Pack adorning C3 ELLE both outside and inside embodies the gentle renewal of spring. This color is totally in keeping with the current trend, particularly in ready-to-wear fashion. Its metallic highlights in the passenger compartment bring freshness and light, contrasting with the Alcantara of the seats and the dashboard, the leather steering wheel, and tinted windows, recreating a cozy feeling in the passenger compartment to feel as comfortable as in your living room,” adds Muriel Prodault, Head of Colors and Materials at Citroën.

Taken from the Shine version, Citroën C3 ELLE has been enhanced with a reversing camera and four electric windows. And as an added bonus, and to perfect the C3 ELLE look, Vector 17-inch aluminum wheels, dark-tinted rear windows, chrome surround around the digital instrument panel and leather steering wheel all come as standard.

2022 Citroën C3 ELLE Limited Edition. (Citroën).

The Citroën C3 ELLE can be powered by either a turbocharged 1.2-liter PureTech 110 inline-three engine delivering 110 horsepower (87 kW) and 111 lb.-ft. (151 N⋅m) of torque with a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission. The Citroën C3 ELLE will be available to order in France starting July 1st and will arrive in dealers in September 2022.

The C3 celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year, and 2022 has gotten off to a good start with 49,000 sales of its credit worldwide at the end of March. It achieved third place overall in its segment in Europe and accounts for 37.5% of Citroën sales in France as the second best-selling passenger car across all segments.

Source: Citroën

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