Citroën Introduces It’s New C3 Built For South America In Brazil:

New Model Differs From Euro Model, For South America & India...

To meet the demands of the South American market, Citroën has decided to expand its usual creation and production processes, working with local teams to converge style and development with teams in each region, to define a unique, tailor-made vehicle. The integration of knowledge about society, culture, and the region’s needs makes the new C3 a model designed, developed, and produced in South America for South Americans.

2022 Citroën C3 for South American Market. (Citroën).

The new C3 is the first model of the “C-Cubed” project (which was presented in 2019), which foresees the launch of a family of three vehicles with a focus on the international market by 2024. Based on three essential criteria: creating a competitive offer, with a style strong; a Citroën experience designed for well-being onboard and designed to adapt to the specificities of the countries to which it is destined.

Future Citroën models will be produced with strong local integration of parts and components, as well as a cost strategy that makes it possible to offer models that match the brand’s mainstream positioning of modern cars, with high quality and an attractive style, with excellent equipment and a carefully considered total purchase and maintenance cost.

2022 Citroën C3 for South American Market. (Citroën).

“The C-Cubed project will open a new chapter in Citroën’s history in our region. We will have three brand new vehicles in the next three years, developed largely by our teams and produced in South America, further strengthening our connection with our customers. In addition, these vehicles will benefit from all the experience and synergies we now have as Stellantis,” said Antonio Filosa, COO of Stellantis in South America.

“Our local teams have done an excellent job on this important project. In order to produce the new C3, the Porto Real plant has undergone a profound industrial transformation in recent years. We also invested in the development of our teams and our talents and it is inspiring to see the pride that each employee takes to be part of Stellantis. Therefore, we are confident that we will offer our customers much more modern and highly competitive products, which will certainly arouse passion for the Citroën brand,” added Filosa.

2022 Citroën C3 for South American Market. (Citroën).

Citroën has a very special history with South America and currently has local production in Brazil and Argentina. The brand’s main objective with this project is to reaffirm and solidify its presence in the region with modern products that are in line with local consumer expectations.

Produced in Brazil, at the Porto Real plant, the C3 will serve the local market and will also be exported throughout South America. It symbolizes a real renewal in the region, with its modern style, connectivity, and comfort. Last year, the B-Hatch segment represented 30% of the total market in Brazil and 26% in Argentina and the positioning of the C3 makes it an affordable car within the largest market segment. The C3 fills this important gap by revealing itself as a modern and versatile car, ideal for young people looking for an authentic and original alternative and for families who use the vehicle in their daily lives, as well as for weekend trips.

2022 Citroën C3 for South American Market. (Citroën).

The incomparable styling of the C3 is noticeable at first glance, with a raised hood and front face frame that reinforces the impression of width. It stays true to Citroën’s pattern of shapes, renowned for its large, generous modeling, animated by sculpted surfaces in various parts. Other salient attributes of Citroën are present in the C3, such as the shape of the hood molded together with the brand’s logo and the design of the front grille.

Symbol of the brand’s identity, it is the face of Citroën, featuring a front end characterized by a luminous signature on two levels, with double chevrons that transform into chrome bars and extend along the vehicle’s width, passing through the headlights before break apart and form a Y at the ends. The headlamps are made up of two separate elements, with the headlamps, direction indicators, and daytime running lights on the upper level, the high beam and low beam headlamps, and the Daytime Running Lights (DRL). The rear luminous signature is also striking and reproduces the two horizontal lines, forming a triangle.

2022 Citroën C3 for South American Market. (Citroën).

Its refined design echoes the attributes of an SUV, including a taller driving position and a raised hood that conveys robustness without being aggressive.

The higher stance is designed to tackle the harsh rural South American roads and their rough riding conditions. This comes from the C3’s generous approach and departure angles, ground clearance, and the C3’s front and rear overhangs. 

The C3 offers a vast color palette, as well as a catalog of accessories designed to enrich and customize the ownership experience. The choice of colors, materials, and finishes was designed by the South American team to better fit the preferences of customers in each unique South American market.

2022 Citroën C3 for South American Market. (Citroën).

Citroën C3 bets on a two-color exterior, with a clear separation line between the body and the roof, offering a wide range of combinations for customers. Thus, thirteen customization options are available in South America, including single-color models and models with a two-color option (body in one color and roof in another).

The Citroën C3 has a wide range of accessories that offer the possibility of giving an even more personal touch to the vehicle, through a vast accessory catalog, based on the preferences of customers in the region.

2022 Citroën C3 for South American Market. (Citroën).

Inside the new C3, the horizontal panel immediately conveys the good feeling of space. Well-being is enhanced by cozy seats and driving comfort, making life inside a pleasant and relaxing experience.

All this is possible thanks to its architecture, which has a long wheelbase, offering excellent habitability. For example, the rear seat occupants have among the best legroom in the segment.

2022 Citroën C3 for South American Market. (Citroën).

The 10-inch infotainment touchscreen, the largest in the segment, and stands out on the instrument panel, making it easy to see and use. It features the wireless Mirror Screen function, which projects the apps displayed on the driver’s smartphone and is compatible with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™. Navigation through applications and multimedia content can be easily performed, either with a finger on the touchscreen of the screen or by voice command. 

The C3 will be launched in the first quarter of 2022 to reinforce Citroën’s position in South America, specifically in Brazil and Argentina – two very important markets for the brand. It also represents part of a great movement, planned, robust, and developed by Citroën to reinforce its presence, volume and participation in practically the entire region, including strategic countries such as Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, among others.

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