What Is This Urban Concept From Citroën At CES 2022?

Autonomous Skates For Carrying Pods?

The Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision Concept has traveled to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The concept vehicle is an interesting one and yet very different than what we have been accustomed to.

With urban mobility changing, Citroën is looking at those major European cities that are restricting access to most internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to help reduce their carbon footprint. Stellantis’ French brand has created an idea for relevant sustainable mobility solutions adapted to the needs of users looking for cleaner, safer, and more affordable vehicles.

Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision Concept. (Citroën).

For Citroën, the mobility of the future can be clean, shared, autonomous, and connected. The Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision Concept embodies that philosophy by providing users with bespoke transport with the corresponding experiences and services. Thanks to Citroën, users are no longer required to concentrate on driving; instead, they benefit from free time and get to enjoy their travel experience.

“Moving is an integral part of our social and professional lives, to the degree that our entire environment is structured on the basis of transport. It is vital to prepare now for tomorrow’s mobility needs. As such, electric mobility and autonomous mobility are central to our thinking and technological advances. The new Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision Concept could redefine the framework of urban travel, making it shared, electric, autonomous, and connected,” said Citroën General Manager, Vincent Cobée.

Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision Concept – 

With the Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision Concept, Citroën is preparing for tomorrow’s urban mobility needs and harnessing its technological know-how to boost the well-being of users while respecting the environment and optimizing traffic flows in cities.

The aim of this autonomous open-source concept is to free up urban traffic in an inventive way and bring users an original and soothing experience that takes care of all their needs. To optimize urban traffic flows, a fleet of autonomous and interconnected robots, “Citroën Skates”, dissociated from the pods that they transport, will circulate in special lanes seamlessly integrated into the urban landscape.

Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision Concept with Various Pods. (Citroën).

The Skates are mobility vectors enabling the pods, created by various service companies, to position themselves on their platform. Users enjoy 24/7 access to the service of their choice. For example, they can benefit from a relaxed environment to read a book, watch a video, listen to music while sipping a drink, or practice sports while traveling from A to B.

This shared and autonomous solution boasts a host of advantages. It reduces traffic in major cities and, as an electric vehicle, shrinks their carbon footprints. It also proposes multiple uses and is much less expensive than an individual autonomous vehicle.

Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision Concept. (Citroën).

The dissemination of this approach is based on the optimal use of resources while working on the entire ecosystem, with pods, Citroën Skates, special lanes, and fleet management.

You can see the Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision Concept at CES 2022 in the Stellantis exhibit until this weekend.

Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision Concept with transport “Pod” . (Citroën).

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