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Alfa Romeo Pulls The Covers Off Of Its Subcompact Milano

Offered In Either Hybrid Or All-Electric, In Both Front-Wheel-Drive Or Q4 All-Wheel-Drive...

Alfa Romeo has made a bold return to the compact car segment with the unveiling of the Milano. This compact marvel embodies the essence of Alfa Romeo’s sporty heritage while embracing the demands of modern driving. Based on the eCMP architecture, the Milano joins the Jeep® Avenger and Fiat 600e as the future subcompact offering for Europe.

So, let’s delve into what makes the Milano stand out from the crowd.

Powertrains –

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The Milano offers a choice of powertrains to suit diverse driving preferences. For those inclined towards electrification, the electric variant, labeled “ELETTRICA,” has two power options: 156 horsepower and the top-tier VELOCE with an impressive 240 horsepower. If you seek a blend of electric efficiency and traditional power, the “IBRIDA” version might pique your interest, with a 136 horsepower 48-volt Hybrid VGT engine. Notably, the IBRIDA also introduces an innovative Q4 all-wheel-drive variant, a first in the premium compact class, ensuring optimal traction across various driving conditions.

Different Packages –

The Milano lineup offers a trio of packages catering to distinct preferences: Techno, Premium, and Sport. The Techno pack prioritizes safety and advanced technology features like Level 2 autonomous driving and LED Matrix lights. Opting for the Premium package indulges you in luxurious comfort with amenities such as a vinyl-fabric blend interior, electrically operated massage seats, and ambient lighting. Meanwhile, the Sport trim accentuates the Milano’s dynamic persona, boasting sporty exterior accents, Sabelt seats, and Alcantara upholstery.

Exterior Design –

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Crafted by the esteemed Alfa Romeo Centro Stile, the Milano exudes Italian sophistication and athleticism. Its compact proportions, characterized by a length of 164 inches, width of 70 inches, and height of 59 inches, strike a harmonious balance between elegance and agility. The exterior features iconic Alfa Romeo elements, including the legendary shield on electric models and the iconic Alfa Romeo script on Hybrid models, muscular wheel arches, and the signature ‘truncated tail’ reminiscent of classic Alfa Romeo models. LED Matrix headlights adorn the front, providing both style and functionality. This Milano sets a new exterior design language for future Alfa models.

Interior Design –

Step inside the Milano, and you’re greeted by a driver-centric cabin exuding Italian flair. The interior reflects meticulous attention to detail, with premium materials adorning every surface. A compact steering wheel ensures a direct connection between driver and machine, while the digital instrument cluster and touchscreen infotainment system offer intuitive control and access to essential driving data. The Quadrifoglio-inspired air conditioning vents add a touch of sporty elegance to the cabin, further enhancing the Milano’s unique charm.

Charging –

The Milano offers hassle-free charging solutions for electric variants. The EV Routing technology facilitates seamless navigation by identifying charging stations along your route, ensuring you’re never stranded due to a depleted battery. With access to over 600,000 charging points across Europe, range anxiety has become a thing of the past. Charging up the new MILANO is very straightforward: at 100-kW DC fast charging stations, it takes less than 30 minutes to charge the batteries from 10 to 80%.

Launch Edition –

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Available exclusively for the launch phase, the SPECIALE trim encapsulates the essence of Alfa Romeo’s heritage while embracing the demands of modern drivers. With its distinctive exterior, featuring the “Progresso” badge and matte sports finishes with accents in the iconic Brera red, the SPECIALE commands attention on the road. Inside, the cabin is adorned with sporty and exclusive features such as the “Spiga” vinyl and fabric interior, leather steering wheel, and electrically operated driver’s seat with massage function, ensuring unparalleled comfort and sophistication. Safety and convenience are paramount, with Level 2 autonomous driving, connected navigation, a 180° rear camera, handsfree electric tailgate, and keyless system with proximity access technology all standard features.

In summary, the Alfa Romeo Milano represents a fusion of style, performance, and innovation in the subcompact European car segment. Alfa Romeo says that the Milano will be sold in 28 countries by the end of next year, however, there is no official word if it will arrive in North America. But judging on the international markets are craving new subcompact models, we wouldn’t doubt Alfa is talking it over.

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Just from a styling point, it’s gorgeous. The interior is unbelievable. Much too small for me but in some markets, this one will be very popular. Was not excited about this, until I saw it and then...WOW ! This guy loves it. Congratulations Alfa Romeo !

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I doubt we will see any Stellantis products built off the CMP platform sold here stateside. This is due to compliance issues. The latest mild hybrid systems are a huge leap forward. The vehicles using this technology are seeing the same efficiency as full hybrids had 15 years ago.I don't trust the 6-speed French-Chinese hybrid gearbox used in the eCMP hybrids. The Magna 7-speed, used in the Jeep Compass and Renegade hybrids, is a much better unit. The Citroen e-C3 uses an evolved and newer platform. Rumor has it that the next generation of Fiat Panda will use the same Stellantis ‘Smart Car’ platform as the Citroen. Send the Panda over here

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I certainly like the Hybrid grill more the EV grill but I favor Alfa Styling in general over many of the brands in the EU I find this eCMP coachwork one to the least attractive of the group close to bottom. Which should not be for an Alfa..... the front end I find especially offensive. Lancia, Jeep, and while holding my Nose the Peugeot are all more attractive. Only beating the Plain looking Opel and awkward proportioned Fiat 600.

C- generously.

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I was doubtful, but so far I like it overall. For sure the external styling is a departure from the rather save, conservative beauty of the latest Alfas. But then they want to reach new, younger customers with this. Most critical points for me are the busy front with new Scudetto and the carryover of the front doors incl. panels from the 600. I understood that you can choose the Scudetto between script and symbols (after the Speciale editions). Good that it has an integrated screen inside instead of a vertical tablet!

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