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Alfa Romeo E-Segment SUV Looks To Be Coming In 2026

Alfa Looks To Reinvent Itself In North America, With Grand Cherokee Size SUV...

Alfa Romeo, the iconic Italian automaker, is gearing up for a significant reentry into the North American market by announcing a groundbreaking three-row SUV set to debut in the 2026 model year. The move marks a pivotal moment for the brand, which has faced challenges in gaining traction in the region over the past decade.

2024 Alfa Romeo E-Segment SUV Rendering. (MoparInsiders).

Larry Dominique, Alfa Romeo’s Senior Vice President and Head of North America, recently expressed the brand’s commitment to a fresh start in the U.S. and Canada. Despite previous struggles, Alfa Romeo aims to redefine its presence in North America with five new vehicles slated for release over the next six years, focusing on high-volume premium segments.

At the forefront of this strategy is introducing a new three-row SUV designed specifically for the North American market. The SUV, yet to be named, will be built on the STLA Large architecture, an evolution of Alfa’s successful Giorgio platform that underpins the current Stelvio and Giulia models and ensures a robust foundation for the upcoming SUV.

The three-row SUV will offer seating for up to seven passengers, catering to families and larger groups. It will be positioned above the Stelvio in Alfa Romeo’s portfolio. Its size will be comparable to the three-row Jeep® Grand Cherokee L, providing ample space for passengers and cargo.

2024 Alfa Romeo E-Segment SUV Rendering. (MoparInsiders).

Under the hood, Alfa Romeo is expected to equip the new SUV with various powertrain options to suit diverse consumer preferences. Among these is the turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four-cylinder EVO engine, part of the Stellantis Global Medium Engine (GME) family. Anticipated to deliver over 300 horsepower, this engine promises spirited performance while maintaining efficiency. Paired with a ZF-sourced 8-speed automatic transmission, drivers can expect a smooth and responsive driving experience.

Alfa Romeo is rumored to be considering an all-electric powertrain option for the new SUV in line with global trends towards electrification. While the brand has outlined plans to transition to an all-electric lineup in Europe, the decision for the North American market may hinge on various factors, including regulatory policies and consumer demand. A plug-in hybrid (PHEV) variant could balance electrification and traditional powertrains, aligning with the success of hybrid models like the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe.

2024 Alfa Romeo E-Segment SUV Rendering. (MoparInsiders).

Production of the new SUV poses another important consideration for Alfa Romeo. While logical options include the Stellantis Detroit Assembly Complex in Detroit and the Brampton Assembly Plant in Canada, capacity constraints may influence the final decision. The Toluca Assembly Plant in Mexico is a compelling choice, given its upcoming production of STLA Large vehicles and potential to accommodate Alfa Romeo’s manufacturing needs.

As Alfa Romeo prepares to unveil more details about the upcoming three-row SUV in early 2025, anticipation continues to build among enthusiasts and industry observers alike. With its blend of Italian heritage, premium design, and advanced technology, the new SUV promises to make a bold statement in the competitive North American market, positioning Alfa Romeo for renewed success in the region.

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Now that looks like a Alfa.... unlike the Ecmp skin job Milano that is about to be shown.

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Maybe some new product will wake up the rest of North America to what Long Island has discovered, Alfa Romeo.
Never fails to amaze me when I see sales figures nationally and then see all the Alfa Romeos tooling around Long Island, they are absolutely everywhere. Yes Long Island is heavily Italian American and very affluent but the brand itself has an outstanding product based on a friend and my sons experience with owning them. What’s the problem ? My friend, yes she is Italian, is on her second. No problem here.
Just a small sampling for sure, but AR is going gang busters around here, Large new dealership facility just opened in Westbury and as I said, maybe new product will wake the rest of North America up to the brand.

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Now that looks like an Alfa.... unlike the Ecmp skin job Milano that is about to be shown.

That platform and ICE engines choices are totally inferior to SCCS/SWUS platform and GSE engine family.
One is made with cost reduction in mind, while the other is to excel.
Guess which one Stellantis is widely adopting?

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If one is doing brand differences based on Coachwork, the branded model better have nice Coachwork that looks like the brand and not in cartoony way. I understand the cost pressure on that class especially from the Chinese.

E segment has the margin a big enough to make this more Alfa, Milano is very disappointing especially compared to Lancia which looks like a Lancia.

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