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The New Alfa Romeo Milano Comes To Life At The Balocco Proving Grounds

New Electric B-Segment Crossover To Debut On April 10th...

Excitement is building as the Alfa Romeo Milano, the brand’s inaugural venture into the world of 100% electric vehicles (EVs), undergoes meticulous development tests at the Balocco testing site. Designed by the Alfa Romeo Centro Stile, the Milano is poised to showcase a fusion of cutting-edge technology and the brand’s signature driving pleasure. Ahead of its grand unveiling in Milan on April 10, the development team, led by seasoned experts, is fine-tuning this new electric B-segment crossover to deliver outstanding dynamics and an unmistakable driving experience.

The all-new Alfa Romeo Milano at the Balocco Proving Grounds. (Alfa Romeo).

Masterful Italian Engineering –

Guided by a team of Italian engineers with a remarkable track record in Alfa Romeo’s extraordinary projects, including the 4C, 8C, Giulia, and Stelvio, the Milano is in capable hands. The Balocco Proving Ground serves as the proving grounds, where the car’s requirements are tested under the watchful eyes of Alfa Romeo’s dynamic engineers. Domenico Bagnasco, Abarth/AlfaRomeo High-Performance Validation Manager, states, “We are aiming for outstanding dynamics, focusing on specific interventions on the suspension to ensure unmistakable driving pleasure.”

Dynamic Essence –

Domenico Bagnasco, a driving force behind iconic Alfa Romeo sports cars, is at the helm, ensuring the Milano lives up to the brand’s legacy of driving pleasure. He emphasizes, “The aim remains unmistakable driving dynamics, based on direct and extremely precise steering geometry, to guarantee quick cornering with a high level of grip.”

The all-new Alfa Romeo Milano at the Balocco Proving Grounds. (Alfa Romeo).

Project Leadership –

Leading the Milano project is Stefano Cereda, the Chief Vehicle Engineer for Alfa Romeo Milano and a prominent figure in Alfa Romeo projects. Known for his contributions to the development of Giulia and Stelvio diesel engines, Cereda brings a wealth of experience. He shares, “Before proudly taking on the management of the Milano project, I gave the go-ahead to the development of the Tonale’s PHEV Q4’s 280 horsepower engine.

Technical Development –

Luigi Domenichelli, Vehicle Technical Manager of the new Alfa Romeo Milano, oversees the technical development, stating, “Our focus is on integrating and validating all vehicle subsystems in terms of performance, durability, and comfort. The ambitious design targets are centered around guaranteeing Alfa Romeo’s distinctive road handling and class-leading ergonomics.”

The all-new Alfa Romeo Milano at the Balocco Proving Grounds. (Alfa Romeo).

As the Alfa Romeo Milano gears up for its debut, Alfa fans anticipate a groundbreaking entry into the electric crossover arena. Stay tuned for the Livestream on April 10 to witness the unveiling of the first all-electric Alfa Romeo.

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Jeep realized a BEV only Avenger won’t sell well and they changed their mind to offer a pure ICE and hybrid, but with a lackluster powertrain.
Hopefully, Alfa doesn’t make the same mistakes.

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I’ve expressed my reservations on all electric vehicles enough for most. That acknowledged, I must state my real reservation is with an ALL electric lineup for most brands. Yes, there is a viable market for electrics, but there equally is a much larger segment who does not want them too. The free market reflects that reality.
I believe having a couple of all-electric offerings for a brand is smart and could be marginally profitable and the Alfa Romeo Milano is one of them. My wife and I have spent a great deal of time in Italy and Europe generally and our learning curve for the lifestyle is such that we recognize that there is a different relationship, a starkly different culture with the automobile than in America. So the all-electric push is understandable and small cars seem to meet that mindset much better in Europe.
The long and short of it is that by Fiat and Alfa Romeo offering electrics has credibility in Europe, so I reserve my reservations on a few small electrics for these brands. I remain skeptical about their profitability. That All electric brand thinking is totally dead for America. There is undoubtedly a steep learning curve ahead for Stellantis executives obviously.
Take my reluctant attitude to heart, a gentle warning that Dare Forward is in dire need of revision. Totally,

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The article states that it is a B-segment crossover. I can't imagine they would base this new product on the CMP platform. Citroen states the e-C3 uses a new platform, but doesn't specifically say it is the STLA small. The new Milano deserves much better than the rehashed CMP that supports the Jeep Avenger and Fiat 600.

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It just same Peugeot based Coachwork. Avenger, Lancia, and 600.... just another version. It DAMN Sad.... Jeeps and Alfa should never be just Coachwork... They specific missions that specific and divergent.

If early styling bubble releases are accurate even the Coachwork is a fail and Alfas mission.

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