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Alfa Romeo Cranks Up The Tunes With New Audio Package:

New Premium Audio Option On Base Giuila & Stelvio Models...

One of the biggest complaints about the Alfa Romeo Giuila and Stelvio have been the audio systems. For being a premium performance brand, the Alfa models have had a not so premium choice of audio systems for the entry-level through mid-range models. It seems that the Alfa Romeo brand is listening to their customer base, saying that the standard stereo on the Stelvio and Giuila weren’t impressing them.

Alfa Romeo Base Premium Audio System Package. (Alfa Romeo).

Starting this month, Alfa Romeo is releasing a new option for customers interested in the entry-level 2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Giuila models. Alfa Romeo is now going offer a new Premium Audio Option for the base Stelvio and Giuila models, including the popular Base Sport models.  

Alfa Romeo Audio System Packages. (Alfa Romeo).

Currently, the base Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Giuila offer a standard audio system that consist of 4 twitters and 4 woofers, and only having about 180-watts. The new Premium Audio System adds a new mid-range speaker, subwoofer and an amplifier which upgrades the stereo system to 400-watts. Quite a bit of difference from the standard system. Alfa Romeo does still offer the premium 900-watt Harman/Kardon audio system on higher trims like the Ti and Quadrifoglio models.

The best of the upgraded Premium Audio System Package is it won’t hurt your wallet. The upgrades will add $525 U.S. MSRP to your base Stelvio or Giuila. Dealers are now available to start taking orders of the new audio package on Base/Base Sport Giuila and Stelvio models.

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