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Alfa Romeo Launches New Brand Headquarters In Italy:

Centro Stile, Won't Be Just For Design Anymore...

Like the Maserati brand, the Alfa Romeo brand is in the middle of a reinvention period of the brand. With the recent merger of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and Peugeot S.A. (PSA) completed to form Stellantis, CEO Carlos Tavares put Jean-Philippe Imparato (who formerly oversaw the Peugeot brand) in charge of the iconic Italian brand back in January. Imparato has since introduced several new key managers to the brand, hoping that it will continue to grow Alfa Romeo in key markets like North America and China.

Centro Stile Alfa Romeo – New Headquarters to the Alfa Romeo brand. (Alfa Romeo).

Alfa Romeo announced yesterday, that it has chosen its Centro Stile as the brand’s official headquarters. If you are not familiar with Centro Stile Alfa Romeo (Alfa Romeo Style Center), it has been the brand’s in-house design and construction office for a number of years. After FIAT Group took over control, the management of the brand was transferred to Turin, where FIAT’s office is located. Centro Stile Alfa Romeo was founded in 1990 and remained in Arese, Italy until 2009. Even though Centro Stile Alfa Romeo is independent once again, the design team will continue to report to the so-called Officina 83 design studio of the FIAT Group which is now overseen by Jean-Pierre Ploue from the PSA side of the company.

Centro Stile Alfa Romeo – New Headquarters to the Alfa Romeo brand. (Alfa Romeo).

Over the past year, the ongoing global scenario revamped the way many employees worked for the company. This caused the brand to focus on opening a new headquarters in a new concept, with both shared and opened areas, how the brand could facilitate teamwork, and how it shared ideas and other communication.

Such an area was identified at the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo, which was a redeveloped part of the Mirafiori plant on the premises of the historic Officina 83 studios. There the brand could place its headquarters in an area of 110 years of Alfa Romeo history. It also places the entire Biscione team, within reach of the designers who are creating the future product of the brand.

Centro Stile Alfa Romeo – New Headquarters to the Alfa Romeo brand. (Alfa Romeo).

The recently renovated headquarters features large, bright spaces, heavily customized according to those who work there using the inspiration from the brand’s iconic Italian style. The new Alfa Romeo team has helped to customize the spaces by bringing with them effects related to the history of the brand and their professional experiences, to intermingle the past, their personal involvement, and future ambitions. Workstations have been specially designed to facilitate interaction and cooperation to the greatest extent. Outdoor working spaces have also been included. 

Alfa Romeo North America Headquarters will remain at the former Walter P. Chrysler Museum building on the Chrysler World Headquarters and Technology Center (CTC) grounds in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

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Perhaps proximity will engender senergy and creativity that will translate into more and better products. I will once again argue that AR needs more product especially larger sedans and SUVs, a couple of performance coupes, more dealerships separated from Fiat, more marketing and a halo vehicle to attract attention. Unless they see the obvious stated here, this new headquarters will be a pretty face and nothing more. They must become affordable Maseratis and a automotive cultural connection to that brand is essential, both brands promoting Italian prestige, style, engineering and excitement. So much potential here.

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@bill burke my take is either Tavares and Imparato "get it," more or less as you've stated, or AR becomes a dead brand in a decade. It seems that, based on what they're saying, they do. They just have to put their money and their leadership where their mouths are. "Affordable Maserati" might not be the optimal marketing statement, but I suppose that's a reasonable "under the breath" way of thinking about AR in very general terms. That would seem to mean going back to the "Maserati-Alfa" teaming from early FCA to create the necessary synergies. I do think they need to cast a wider swath on the lower end of size, without getting down in the economy car zone of Fiat, although BMW has to a degree with their 1 Series, so perhaps in Europe that's still reasonable where it may not be in the NA market.

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