2019 Dodge Charger – Build & Price Are Up:

You Can Now Configure Your Own 2019 Dodge Charger...

For the past few months, we have been telling you all about the 2019 Dodge Charger lineup. Thanks to our friend Cody Wagner, we can see the new 2019 Build & Price configurator for the 2019 Dodge Charger.

Now the Build & Price is finally up and running…

2019 Dodge Charger SRT HELLCAT. (Dodge).

What’s New for 2019:

  • Charger R/T Scat Pack and SRT HELLCAT feature new performance grille with dual air inlets along with standard performance updates, including Launch Assist and Line Lock
    • Launch Assist, which uses wheel speed sensors to watch for driveline-damaging wheel hop at launch and, in milliseconds, modifies the engine torque to regain full grip
    • Line Lock engages the front brakes to hold the vehicle stationary, but leaves the rear wheels free for a burnout to heat up and clean the rear tires
  • In addition to new instrument panel badging, Charger SRT HELLCAT features Torque Reserve and After-Run Chiller
    • Torque Reserve, which closes a bypass valve to prefill the supercharger and manages fuel flow and spark advance to balance engine rpm and torque, generates a reserve of torque that is delivered upon acceleration from a standing stop
    • After-Run Chiller keeps cooling the supercharger/charge air cooler after the engine is shut off
  • New options available on Charger SRT HELLCAT include:
    • Satin Black painted hood
    • Brass Monkey 20-inch forged wheels
    • Alcantara Interior Package (seats and steering wheel)
  • Charger R/T Scat Pack adds a new Scat Pack bee badge on the decklid, replacing R/T badge, a new switch on the dashboard provides quick access to initialize Launch Control, which coordinates the engine, transmission, driveline and suspension for an optimal launch and consistent straight-line acceleration
  • New options available on Charger R/T Scat Pack include:
    • Three-mode Bilstein adaptive damping suspension, featuring Auto, Sport and Track modes
    • Newly available exterior choices, such as dual carbon stripes and Satin Black painted hood
  • All-new premium stitched dash and door uppers on all models equipped with leather
  • Repositioned model lineup includes a new Charger SXT AWD model and a new Charger GT RWD V-6 model with standard performance interior and exterior features
  • New Houndstooth cloth performance seats standard on Charger GT, R/T and Scat Pack models, optional Houndstooth cloth sport seats on SXT and SXT AWD
  • New Dark Dub Plate instrument panel and console bezel finish standard on non-SRT models; HELLCAT model features Dark Engine Turn aluminum finish
  • Charger GT and R/T models receive a full complement of race-bred chassis upgrades, including a standard performance suspension, Bilstein shock absorbers, 3.07 rear axle ratio on GT models, enhanced steering, steering wheel with paddle shifters, Dodge Performance Pages with the 8.4-inch UConnect screen, performance bolstered seats and new 20-inch Satin Carbon and Black Noise wheel options
  • Charger GT and R/T models get the performance look and features standard with the performance hood, fascia, sculpted side sills, spoiler and seats
  • Blacktop Package includes new 20-inch and 19-inch Black Noise wheel options available on Charger SXT, SXT AWD, GT and R/T models
  • New Cold Weather Package available on Charger SXT, SXT AWD, GT and R/T models includes heated steering wheel, heated cloth driver and passenger seats, and heated mirrors on SXT
  • New Caramel Nappa leather interior option available on Charger SXT and SXT AWD
2019 Dodge Charger GT in Plum Crazy. (Dodge).

To build your own 2019 Dodge Charger on the configurator, CLICK HERE:

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