YouTuber SRTMush Breaks SRT Demon Record:

Pushes The Record Even Deeper Into the Low 9s:

Well known Mopar YouTuber and SRT Demon owner, SRTMush had an amazing run last weekend at the “YouTube Callout”. What is the YouTube Callout? They are events where the popular YouTubers in the automotive world, drag race each other and allow fans to purchase track time and raffle off a chance to run against them.

SRTMush who’s real name is Todd Fullford, is no stranger to fast Mopars and his 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon has proven that even more so. His SRT Demon has been upgraded with  a 2.65 upper blower pulley, Hoosier tires, cat-less mid-pipe, 1700-pound injectors and has been converted to run on E85 fuel. Good enough to make an estimated 900 horsepower to wheels.

After a few shakedown runs after arriving at the Cecil County Dragway in Rising Sun, Maryland; he managed to get the Demon to hook up and ran an amazing 9.36-second pass. That was enough to knock the former Demon record holder, performance tuner and at that time Demon record holder John Hennessey from the top spot. Hennessey’s fastest run was a 9.38-second run.

But SRTMush wasn’t done just yet. He ended up braking his own record two more times, throughout the day. Pushing the record to a 9.34-second run, and then an even faster 9.33-second pass. On his final run of the day, SRTMush managed an awesome 9.31-second pass at a 149mph.

We don’t think it will be long for another SRT Demon to push the record time even lower.

Video sources SRTMush and BigKleib34

Robert S. Miller

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