We Head To A Car Show With The Canadian Mopar Club:

Nice weather, beautiful scenery and gorgeous cars made for an enjoyable day

Last Sunday I took a ferry from Vancouver, B.C, over to the Sunshine Coast with some friends from the Canadian Mopar Club. Over in Gibsons a local Chrysler dealer, Haley Dodge was putting on a charity car show and the Canadian Mopar Club was invited. There were about 10 of us that made the trip over to check it out. 

Haley Dodge charity car show in Gibsons, B.C (Moparinsiders)

By the time that we arrived there were already quite a few vehicles that had arrived, we found parking mostly together and checked out the show. 

Haley Dodge charity car show in Gibsons, B.C (Moparinsiders)

My personal favorite was this pristine 1971 Dodge Demon 340. The car was absolutely beautiful and even carried all the period correct touches and reproduction window sticker. 

Haley Dodge charity car show in Gibsons, B.C (Moparinsiders)

The modern Mopar class was won by the 2014 Dodge Charger SRT Superbee that we had previously featured here on Moparinsiders. The car is owned by Jovita, president of the Canadian Mopar Club and is in perfect condition with some tasteful modifications.

Haley Dodge charity car show in Gibsons, B.C (Moparinsiders)

Second place was won by this 2018 Dodge Challenger HELLCAT 6-speed manual.

Haley Dodge charity car show in Gibsons, B.C (Moparinsiders)

While third place was won by another member of the Canadian Mopar Club with this plum crazy Dodge Charger Daytona, that still shows great with over 280,000kms on it. 

Haley Dodge charity car show in Gibsons, B.C (Moparinsiders)

We will be covering a lot of different events this year in detail, especially after our Challenger 1320 shows up and we are able to get it out to some shows. Stay tuned to Moparinsiders for tons of exciting content and check out the photo gallery from the show down below. 

Photo Gallery

Jared Balfour

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