VIDEO: Watch How FCA Uses Its Wind Tunnel For Testing Future Products:

FCA's What's Behind Documentary Showcases Vehicle Testing...

Earlier this year, we told you that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) announced a new series called “FCA: What’s Behind”. The project documentary narrates the behind the scene look at the complex Research & Development (R&D) phases for FCA-branded vehicles. This is the first time that FCA has opened its doors to the world, showcasing its operation centers.

The Orbassano Wind Tunnel Turbine. (FCA).

This documentary series has shown us locations ranging from the ice in Arjeplog, Sweden, to the deserts in South Africa, where FCA products are tested under the most extreme conditions. The series also visits some of the company’s centers of excellence such as the Balocco Proving Ground, and the FCA Safety Center and Research Center in Turin, Italy.

A Fiat 500X Getting Ready For Testing At Orbassano. (FCA).

In their latest video, FCA explains the importance of wind tunnel testing and how aerodynamics plays on their vehicles. While the video focuses on the wind tunnel at the company’s Orbassano, Italy facility. The company also had a wind tunnel that the MoparInsiders staff got to visit a couple of years ago at their Chrysler Headquarters and Technology Center in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Nevertheless, the video explains the process in which FCA uses its wind tunnels, as well as what they are good for beyond just design.

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