VIDEO: I Am EXTREMELY Disappointed With Our 2019 Challenger 1320:

Severe Paint Defects Have Us Worried...

Many of you have been following along with our 2019 Dodge Challenger 1320 that we first ordered in late January as a long term test vehicle for MoparInsiders. Four weeks ago, the car finally arrived at our sponsor and selling dealership White Rock Dodge, and we were ecstatic to get behind the wheel finally. So much so in fact that in the past three and a half weeks we have racked up 2,500 kilometers (or about 1,550 miles) on the car and have already taken it to the drag strip and started to accessorize the vehicle. 

We have big plans for this car as well, such as taking it to shows and drag racing events all across Canada. Places like the Western Mopar Madness show in Edmonton, Alberta on July 27th and our friend Dave Hayes upcoming track rental on September 22nd in Grand Bend, Ontario. 

Clear-Coat Defect On The Long-Term 2019 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack 1320. (MoparInsiders).

While the 2019 Dodge Challenger recently won the JD Power initial quality award for its class, it seems as ours might have fallen through the cracks. Unfortunately, while giving the car its first detail late last week, I found clear coat bubbling in all the wheel wells of our car. Some of the bubbles are worse than others with the whole top of the drivers front wheel well already bubbled with air pockets in it and chipping in some areas. Of course there are two concerns here, one is this is an area likely to get hit with rock chips, especially with the super soft and sticky Nexen drag radials which are prone to throw rocks, the second is that if the clear coat starts chipping here, the area will spread leading to clear coat failure on the entire panel.

More details are in the video above, so make sure to watch that, we will be booking the car in with the local dealer as soon as possible to have this looked at and will see what Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) wants to do as a repair. Stay tuned to MoparInsiders and our YouTube channel as we will provide more information and updates as we have them. 


Jared B

Jared founded MoparInsiders and is a 41-year-old automotive enthusiast from Vancouver, British Columbia. He took an interest in cars at a very young age and has been interested in them ever since. His hobbies include photography, videography, drag racing, and auto detailing. He currently owns and drives a 2023 Audi RS6, a 2024 GMC Sierra, and a 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

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