The Details Of The Largest Group Viper Deal Ever:

Behind The Scenes Of The Largest Viper Order...

VINwiki is a social vehicle history reporting platform that invites the public to add their unique experiences of automobiles to the public. This week they featured a video that is no exception to the word “unique”. Sean O’Grady the Director of Sales and Marketing for Palmer Dodge, shares his experience of ordering seven 2016 Dodge Viper ACR-E (Extreme) models for a group purchase for members of the Viper Club of Minnesota.

Minnesota Viper Group Factory Delivery. (Dynamic Photowerks).

This doesn’t sound like a difficult issue, but when the purchasers request to receive their Vipers delivered at the Viper plant on the same day with consecutive VIN numbers, it throws in some wrenches. Add in some custom color orders, promises where the factory originally said no and you got yourself a pretty interesting back story. Sean’s story also gives a good look at the Viper 1 of 1 program.

Listen to a behind the scene look at what it took to get the order complete and delivered on the same day. In which made for the largest Viper group order and largest factory pickup in Chrysler’s history.


Photography: Dynamic Photowerks


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