UAW & Detroit’s Big-Three Form Task Force To Fight COVID-19:

Will Keep Employees Better Informed On The Situation...

The United Auto Workers (UAW), General Motors Co., Ford Motor Company and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) announced late yesterday, they are forming a COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Task Force to implement enhanced protections for manufacturing and warehouse employees at all three companies.

FCA US-UAW Employees Assembling Ram 1500s At The Sterling Heights Assembly Plant. (FCA).

UAW President Rory Gamble, GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra, Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford and President and CEO Jim Hackett, and FCA CEO Michael Manley will lead the task force.

They will be supported by:

  • Terry Dittes, vice president, UAW-GM Department
  • Gerald Kariem, vice president, UAW-Ford Department
  • Cindy Estrada, vice president, UAW-FCA Department
  • The medical staffs, and the manufacturing and labor leadership teams at all three companies

“Workplace health and safety is a priority for us every day, all three companies have been taking steps to keep the COVID-19 out of their facilities and during this national emergency, we will do even more working together,” said Gamble, who convened the leaders of all three companies. “We are focused on doing the right thing for our people, their families, our communities and the country. All options related to protecting against exposure to the virus are on the table.”

A Dodge Durango on the Assembly Plant at Jefferson North Avenue Plant. (FCA).

In a joint statement, the leaders of GM, Ford, and FCA said, “This is a fluid and unprecedented situation, and the task force will move quickly to build on the wide-ranging preventive measures we have put in place. We are all coming together to help keep our workforces safe and healthy.”

All three companies and the UAW are working to coordinate action to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, including enhanced visitor screening, increased cleaning and sanitizing of common areas and touchpoints, and implementing safety protocols for people with potential exposure, as well as those who exhibit flu-like symptoms.

Warren Truck Assembly Plant Employees assembling a 2020 Ram 1500 Classic. (FCA).

The joint task force’s areas of focus will include vehicle production plans, additional social distancing, break and cleaning schedules, health and safety education, health screening, food service and any other areas that have the potential to improve protections for employees. As the joint task force identifies enhancements, each company, together with the UAW, will provide regular updates to the workers in their facilities.

Source: UAW, GM. Ford, & FCA

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