CAUGHT: Export 2022 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Limited 4xe!

Electrified Grand Cherokee Will Make Its Debut Tomorrow...

Tomorrow will mark one of the most important dates for the Jeep® brand over the past decade. As one of the brand’s most popular nameplates, the all-new Grand Cherokee (WL) looks to bring the most-awarded SUV ever into its next chapter by offering a trio of offerings to its customer base. The first part of the trio, the three-row Grand Cherokee L (WL75) has already been making its way into customers’ garages. Tomorrow should show us the highlights of the rest of the Grand Cherokee’s all-new lineup scheduled for the 2022 model year.

Export 2022 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Limited 4xe Tester. (WLJeepForum).

The last two pieces of the puzzle revolve around the two-row Grand Cherokee (WL74). The all-new two-row WL74 will offer both your standard internal combustion engine (ICE) offerings along with an all-new electrified 4xe plug-in hybrid (PHEV) variant – a first for the Grand Cherokee nameplate.

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Over the past year, we have seen several of the new electrified Grand Cherokee 4xe prototypes testing globally. The first one was caught by our friends over at TFLCar.com, who caught one operating in electric silence near Denver, Colorado. That prototype sparked interest as it showed us that the 4xe models, unlike the ICE models we had caught earlier, were using the front fascia from the Grand Cherokee L. Since then, we have seen other variants of the 4xe testing with other front fascia styling elements from the Grand Cherokee lineup like the Overland model shown above.

Export 2022 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Limited 4xe Tester. (WLJeepForum).

This Bright White-colored Grand Cherokee 4xe appears to be an export model. The reason we are saying this is the lack of tinted rear windows, clear LED signature daytime running lights (DRLs), and the addition of the more upright Grand Cherokee L front fascia. We also see that this model, which we believe is a Limited, is equipped with LED fog lights, 18-inch aluminum wheels, and chrome accents on the mirror and roof rack.

Export 2022 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Limited 4xe Tester. (WLJeepForum).

According to our sources, the Grand Cherokee 4xe models will be powered by a very similar powertrain via the Wrangler 4xe. For those who are anxious about range anxiety, the Wrangler 4xe powertrain is made of two electric motors, a high-voltage battery pack, a high-tech turbocharged 2.0-liter GME-T4 inline-four-cylinder, and a robust ZF-sourced 8-speed TorqueFlite automatic hybrid transmission, which will allow the Grand Cherokee 4xe to maximize efficiency.

Export 2022 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Limited 4xe Tester. (WLJeepForum).

In the Wrangler 4xe, the electrified powertrain models can achieve 49 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) combined, all while making 375 horsepower and 470 ft.-lb. of torque from the PHEV setup.

Export 2022 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Limited 4xe Tester. (WLJeepForum).

We can’t wait to see the rest of the details surrounding the Grand Cherokee 4xe tomorrow. Stay tuned to MoparInsiders.com for all the details surrounding the all-new Grand Cherokee (WL74).

North American-spec 2022 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Limited 4xe Tester. (WLJeepForum).

Be sure to check out our dedicated WLJeepForum.com website for all the latest news and information surrounding the all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee, Grand Cherokee L, and Grand Cherokee 4xe.

Export 2022 Jeep® Grand Cherokee Limited 4xe Image Gallery:

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Can't wait to see this!

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Seems like the short Grand Cherokee 4Xe Limited (White) will have similar front bumper to Grand Cherokee L Limited (Bottom Red) rather than the regular short Grand Cherokee (Top Red).



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The North American model will get the new front fascia, the export model will get the L one according to spy photos. Here is a Limited 4xe I shot yesterday. See the front and the charging door and same wheels

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