Toluca Builds Its 600,000th Jeep® Compass Model In Two Years:

Plant Celebrates Milestone...

This past week, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Toluca Assembly Plant in Toluca, Mexico celebrated the 600,000 Jeep® Compass to leave its production line. Currently, the 1.6-million-square-foot plant is home to not only the Compass, but the Dodge Journey, it’s Fiat counterpart the Fiat Freemont, and the recently discontinued North American Fiat 500 city car, which is all built down the same assembly line. 

Jeep Compass S Upland. (Jeep).

The Toluca Assembly Plant is only one of five plants that build the Jeep Compass for global sales. Other plants include China, India, Brazil, and the recently opened Melfi, Italy assembly line dedicated to the production of the Compass for the European market as well as the Compass PHEV model.

Considering that the Compass has been only in production for two years at the Toluca Assembly Plant, the 600,000 number is pretty astonishing considering how many different vehicles run down the same production line. According to FCA, there are 5,569 employees (5,248 hourly; 321 salaried) on two shifts at the Toluca plant.

Jeep Compass S Upland. (Jeep).

“Reaching 600,000 units produced in a two-year period is a very important event and it fills us with pride to all of us who are part of this project,” said Carlos Rivera, Vice President of Manufacturing of FCA Mexico. “The commitment and effort on the part of the team that works in the Toluca plant have been key to achieving goals like this, I am sure that we will continue working as until today to continue on this successful path,” Rivera added.

The 600,000th to leave the line was a Jeep Compass S Upland in White Clear Coat with a black-painted roof headed for Torino, Italy. To help celebrate the event, an event was held in which plant personnel, company executives and representatives of the FCA México Workers Union participated.

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