Taking A Deeper Look At The Exterior Design Of The New Ram 1500 Revolution Concept

Will Inspire The Production Ram 1500 BEV Due In 2024...

Ram has just pulled the covers off of its Revolution battery-electric (BEV) Concept pickup truck. The concept plays an important role in the future direction of where Ram plans on taking its next generation of pickup trucks. The Revolution BEV Concept is our first glimpse at that future design language.

Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept. (Ram).

It’s important to start by saying that the Revolution BEV Concept only hints at the future electrified Ram pickups. We had a chance to sit down at talk with the Head of Stellantis Design, Ralph Gilles (which you can watch above), where he explained to us that the internal combustion engine (ICE) Ram 1500 offering will continue forward with its own unique styling.

The Revolution BEV Concept is a drastic change from the current truck’s styling language. Gone is the traditional “big rig” styling that the brand has become known for since 1994, in favor of a bolder more futuristic look.

Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept. (Ram).

From the front of the vehicle, we see a styling direction vastly different from previous truck designs. The Revolution BEV Concept features a more rounded and flush front-end look, that allows the truck to optimize aerodynamics for the most efficiency possible. Without an ICE propulsion system, there is no need for a grille.

Instead, the Revolution BEV Concept allowed the Ram Design Studio to create a whole new signature look. Starting with a redesigned R-A-M logo, which is now backlit, the front styling focuses on new animated LED exterior lighting inspired by a tuning fork and integrated amber marker lights.

Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept. (Ram).

A massive skid plate helps break up the more aerodynamic design and incorporates innovative tucked-in tow hooks. A pair of fog lamps are now incorporated higher up on the front end, following a similar trend by other automakers.

The truck also features a very sculpted hood design, with a large power bulge in the center of it. The hood gives the illusion that there is an ICE engine underneath it, instead of a large useable frunk. It also has a hint of the big rig styling elements, as the hood’s crease line runs from the A-pillar and flanks towards the middle of the front of the hood.

Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept. (Ram).

From the side, the Revolution Concept is bold. The two-tone “chopped-top” roof design, prominent fender flares, and more sharp-edged side profile give the new BEV offering a more industrial look than we have seen on previous generations of Ram pickups.

To charge the 800-volt Revolution BEV, there is a powered charge-port door, located on the driver-side front quarter panel. The charge port illuminates and blinks while charging. An audible sound will signal it’s plugged in and charging has begun. It also features Level 1 and Level 2 AC charging on the top and DC fast charging on the bottom half of the charge port.

Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept. (Ram).

Looking at the truck from a 3/4 angle, you can truly see how bulging the fenders are. At first glance, you might think that the box is flared enough to incorporate a set of dual wheels underneath. Instead, Ram will now offer four-wheel steering with up to 15º of articulation for greater vehicle maneuverability.

Although it looks like a conventual four-door Crew Cab pickup, the Ram Design Studio added some extra concept flare with the integration of saloon-style opening doors. Thanks to the removal of the B-pillar, the entrance to the back seat is even easier.

Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept. (Ram).

With its bolstering fenders, from an ariel viewpoint, the truck takes on an hourglass shape. We also can see the massive glass roof and the back of the cab there are some air foils to help airflow over the truck. A similar element was shown on the upcoming all-electric Wagoneer S.

The Revolution Concept sets on a massive set of 24-inch aero wheels wrapped in 35-inch rubber. The new wheel design completely covers the wheel, allowing for less drag down the side of the truck. However, the Ram Design Studio did also incorporate some lighting features into the wheel center caps which float in place as the wheel spins. They also lit the R-A-M badges on the lower part of the front doors of the truck as well.

Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept. (Ram).

At the rear of the truck, the Revolution Concept takes on a whole new presence from the current models. Tailights are thinner and now drop down lower than the current DT trucks. The taillights design is also incorporated into the new multifunction tailgate, giving the rear lighting the look of a set of ram’s horns. The new electrified R-A-M tailgate logo is also backlit to match the taillights.

Gone are the dual chrome exhaust tips, and in their places sits a new rear diffuser design to help channel air underneath the truck.

Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept. (Ram).

The multifunction tailgate also now is split down the center and can allow for the bed to be extended. Inside the box/cabin is a power midgate system that can enable a pass-through (and into the frunk) that can fit objects up to 18 feet long with the tailgate closed.

You might have noticed that the tailgate does not have an exterior handle. It also doesn’t feature a key-lock button for the RamBox side bed storage bins. Instead, everything is controlled by power and features a micro push button located on the sides of the top of the box. There is even a rear step that is powered to fold up and conceal itself.

Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept. (Ram).

Like it or not, the electric truck is here. Ram is using the Revolution BEV Concept as a stepping stone to the transition that will be eventually coming over the next decade. 

We hope to get to spend some time with the new Ram Revolution sometime later this year on the show circuit to get the full experience. Overall, the Revolution BEV Concept looks promising. We just hope that Stellantis can deliver on its promises from its EV Day 2021 Presentation about the range and fast charging capabilities. If Ram can keep the costs of the 1500 BEV reasonable, we are sure such a truck as the Revolution will be a hot-seller for the brand.

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