Pro Motorsports Designer Creates Line Of 1 of 1 Challenger Kits:

Adams Design Creates Innovator™ Series...

He is a former International Drag Racing Hall Of Fame and Don Garlits Museum Of Drag Racing digital designer who has had his patented invention on display for nearly 30 years at the museum. His advertising work has graced race cars in the Indy 500, NASCAR, the IHRA, NHRA, and INSCA. Joe Adams and his Adams Design label have work that spans from Hollywood to the history books of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. The Pro Motorsports Designer and U.S. Inventor have worked for decades to become strategically positioned to launch a new series of Dodge Challenger customizing kits to apply to your car to help make it more collectible.

Adams Design Dodge Challenger Innovator™ Series. (Adams Designs).

The car line is being used to bring awareness to classic hands-on activities like building model cars and slot cars to help create an interest in young people for a career in the skilled trades field. The program has blended Adams’ passion for Mopars into a project to help strengthen our trade force foundation. The graphic design he did in the fall of 2018 on his wife’s new 2017 Dodge Challenger T/A 392 was the first design to follow the legendary drag racer Don “Big Daddy” Garlits’ Challenger Drag Pak called Swamp Rat XXXVI, a design that Adams did years back. The project was created to bring attention to our trades force shortage from generations of computer and gamer youth. 

Adams Design Dodge Challenger Innovator™ Series. (Adams Designs).
Adams new design on the 1 of 1 Innovator™ prototype took the 2019 Amelia Island Festivals of Speed – Best Muscle Car Contemporary win. The prototype won its first actual car show attended after only its second public appearance.

The Innovator™ Series kits allow the customer to choose from factory-style traditional graphics or show caliber clear coated custom paintwork.  The package includes a certificate of authenticity book that will tie the car design and your vehicle identification number right to the new designer line tied to the lineage of the legend’s Swamp Rat XXXVI. Each car will be built to order on a car you supply and each package price is defined by the options and caliber of the customer’s build. 

Adams Design Dodge Challenger Innovator™ Series. (Adams Designs).

Three kits will be available at launch. The first kit is called “The Show Design Kit” and includes the following…

  • Exterior Graphics Package
  • Under The Hood Vin/Serial Number Metal Photo Badge
  • A Custom Certificate of Authenticity Design Book
  • Matching Drag Racing Uniform Shirt
  • LP Series Wheels by Centerline
  • Mopar Performance Upgrades (depending on the customer’s preference)

The second kit is called the “The Legend’s Museum Design Kit”, which is more of a homage to the drag racing teams of the past. The kit includes…

  • Exterior Graphics Package
  • Show Car Caliber Clear Coat
  • Under The Hood Vin/Serial Number Metal Photo Badge
  • A Custom Certificate of Authenticity Design Book
  • Two Matching Drag Racing Uniform Shirt
  • One Matching Driving Suit
  • One Matching Custom Helmet
  • One Matching Team Jacket
  • LP Series Custom Wheels by Centerline
  • Will Match The Car’s Graphics To The Customer’s Truck & Trailer (customer’s preference)
  • Mopar Performance Upgrades (depending on the customer’s preference)
  • Museum Caliber Wall Displays (of the customer’s unique Innovator™)

The last kit is more for the ultimate drag racing collector. “The Pro Racer’s Design Kit” includes everything from “The Legend’s Museum Design Kit” and is very limited (only 5 will be completed).   It starts with the Adams Design team coming to your museum, shop, or garage and creating a specialty display centered around the Innovator™ the customer’s display for their new collector car. 

Adams Design Dodge Challenger Innovator™ Series. (Adams Designs).

So no matter if you are a drag racer looking for a professional look, a collector, or just looking for a unique look there is an Innovator™ package for you. The series of kits are limited to 25 SRT HELLCATs, 75 R/T Scat Packs, 25 R/T Scat Pack 1320s, and 25 T/As that will be customized for 2019/2020 series once you supply one of the cars listed above. For more information on the Dodge Challenger Innovator™ Series, you can go to the Adams Design website.


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