Mopar/Jeep Performance Parts Has The Euro-Spec Cherokee Covered:

Europeans Will Get A Ton Of New Jeep Accessories At Launch Of New Cherokee...

We recently told you that the 2019 Jeep Cherokee officially launched for our European friends. Jeep had a special launch party even, showcasing classic Jeep Cherokees of the past. Well now, the Mopar parts division is releasing a bunch of goodies for the European market for the new 2019 Jeep Cherokee.

Mopar Accessories For The Euro-Spec 2019 Jeep Cherokee. (Mopar).

As Europe continues to grow its love for the Jeep brand, Mopar is looking at making similar products that are available in the North America market for the Jeepers across the pond.

New accessories like aluminum pedal kits, aftermarket stereo speakers, mirror covers, door sill guards, graphics, chrome door handles and an array of Mopar aluminum wheels are being offered right at the launch of the 2019 Jeep Cherokee in Europe.

Mopar Accessories For The Euro-Spec 2019 Jeep Cherokee. (Mopar).

That is only a fraction of the accessories available at launch for the Cherokee. Mopar also plans to release more goodies later this year.

For more information on the Mopar / Jeep Performance Parts accessories available for the Euro-Spec 2019 Jeep Cherokee, check out Mopar Europe’s website.

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