Melfi Plant To Produce Up To Five New STLA Medium Vehicles

A New Jeep® Will Be Included As Well...

During a significant meeting held on Friday in Rome between Carlos Tavares, the CEO of Stellantis, and Adolfo Urso, the Minister of Business and Made in Italy, exciting developments for the Stellantis Melfi Assembly Plant in Melfi, Italy were confirmed. Tavares expressed the automotive group’s commitment to reversing the declining trend in Italian car production, starting with the Melfi plant, which is of paramount importance not only for the country but also on a global scale.

Jeep® Compass 4xe at Melfi Assembly Plant. (Jeep).

Notably, Tavares announced plans to introduce five new models to be produced at the Stellantis Melfi Assembly Plant, contrary to the previously confirmed four models. Reports suggest that all five cars will belong to the high-end premium segment, with four of them representing foreign brands. The anticipated fifth model is rumored to be a future addition to the renowned Jeep® lineup. Stellantis, in an official statement, emphasized the significance of continuous engagement with the government and social partners to counter the decades-long decline in the country’s car production.

Concerns had been raised by trade unions in recent months regarding the future of the Melfi plant, as they believed the initially confirmed four models might not be sufficient to ensure full employment. However, the addition of a fifth model greatly improves the situation, alleviating any concerns for employees and associated personnel. The forthcoming cars manufactured at the Stellantis Melfi plant will all be based on the STLA Medium platform, offering a range of up to 700 kilometers (approximately 435 miles).

Fiat 500X on the assembly line at the Melfi Assembly Plant. (Stellantis).

Among the newly announced models, one of the highlights is the future Lancia Gamma, set to become the flagship vehicle for the Piedmontese car manufacturer. Production of the Lancia Gamma is scheduled to commence in 2026. Additionally, reports suggest that Opel will contribute with the new Manta model, while DS Automobiles is expected to introduce one or possibly two of their own models at the Melfi plant.

The Stellantis Group continues to underscore the Melfi Assembly Plant’s crucial role within its operations and expresses a growing conviction to invest further in Italy. This latest development highlights the company’s dedication to revitalizing the Italian automotive industry and reinforces the significance of Melfi in achieving that objective.

Jeep® Renegade in the metrology lab at the Melfi Assembly Plant. (Stellantis).

As Stellantis works towards a bright future for the Melfi plant, attention is particularly drawn to the potential introduction of a new Jeep vehicle. While details remain undisclosed, the prospect of a new Jeep® model being manufactured at the Melfi Assembly Plant further solidifies the plant’s importance within the Stellantis Group’s strategic plans.

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Given the Italian history of labor relations, this is a smart move with a business model that makes sense, especially for these same unions and their members.
In addition the Italian government and Italian citizens clearly need to recognize the economic, political and cultural necessity of this decision as Italy works to take the next step towards the global relevance it deserves and as a serious and respected player in the EU with the industrial base to match its ambitions.
Italy suffered greatly in WW II and demographic changes have compounded its efforts to erase that misbegotten legacy and draw on its unrivaled historic heritage and incredible natural talents once and for all. As this Melfi facility demonstrates opportunity awaits, but achievement must be embraced and proven, again, once and for all.

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Hope it tanks or burns down sorry to the lost jobs but stelantis needs to die so somebody can save the Mopar brands

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Hope it tanks or burns down sorry to the lost jobs but stelantis needs to die so somebody can save the Mopar brands

Another flaming new user. The most like outcome of Stelantis crashing and burning is the death of Mopar just like what nearly happen to the Independent Mopar under Cerberus where Jeep, Minivan, and Ram were all sold and Dodge and Chrysler KILLED;

Why are you so invested in the Italian plant failing the services the Italian market mostly? You want the Piece of Trash MK based Jeeps back with poor quality, underpowered engines, pitiful interiors, and bad transmissions?

Fiat did save the Mopar brands and to the point Stelantis has done nearly nothing to deter the progress of FCA in NA.

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