Stellantis Cuts 539 Supplemental Employees Amidst Strategic Shift

Employees Were Notified Friday, Of The Company's Decision...


In a significant development today, Stellantis declared the permanent separation of 539 supplemental employees across its U.S. manufacturing operations. This decision comes as part of the company’s comprehensive evaluation of its operational efficiency.

Toledo Assembly Complex. (Stellantis).

Affected workers were notified on Friday, and the dismissal is effective immediately. Notably, Stellantis emphasizes that these cuts are not classified as layoffs, rendering the affected workforce ineligible for supplemental unemployment benefits.

“As part of our normal course of business, Stellantis regularly analyzes staffing levels at our manufacturing facilities to ensure they are operating as efficiently as possible,” stated a company spokesperson. “This action will help improve the efficiency, productivity, and market competitiveness of our facilities as we implement our Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan.”

It’s crucial to note that these workforce reductions do not include the recently announced temporary layoffs at the Detroit Assembly Complex – Mack (DACM) facility, impacting 2,453 workers. The DACM plant is known for producing the popular Jeep® Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L.

Additionally, 1,225 employees at the Toledo Assembly Complex are also facing layoffs, affecting the production of the Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator. The actual number of layoffs may be fewer than initially suggested, particularly in Detroit, and these changes are scheduled to take effect on February 5th.

These cuts are part of a series of strategic moves by Stellantis as the company undergoes a transition to electric vehicles (EVs). Despite the increased production costs associated with EVs, they require fewer workers for assembly. The automotive giant has recently inked a new contract with the United Auto Workers (UAW) union, resulting in record contracts for many of its workforce employees.

Detroit Assembly Complex – Mack Facility. (Stellantis).

In addition to the workforce adjustments, Stellantis has made significant cuts in its marketing budget. This includes stepping away from the North American auto show scene and opting out of advertising in the Super Bowl

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Only the beginning.......

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It blows my mind how the larger and more successful company of this merger (Fiat Chrysler) has allowed the PSA Group side to take over and chip away at all FCA’s successes.

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Only the beginning.......

Stellantis has been liquidating Dodge/Chrysler day 1. Vehicle engineering will go over seas. Chysler tech center is a ghost town. Chassis designs are already changing to French and Italian styles that are overly complex and expensive to maintain. Everyone I know in the NA Stellantis segment are miserable due to over seas executive planning decisions. The French bought a ship and renamed it Titanic. I see very tough times ahead for my Chrysler friends.

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Just to say probably sooner or later PSA will sell out all the Chrysler brands to a Japanese company called Toyota, and then make the Corolla in Mexico under the Dodge Shadow nameplate at first, yet to say if that happens Ram trucks being rebaged as Tundra, and Corollas being made in Mexico both the Dodge Shadow rebadged version and the Toyota Corolla version, yet Jeep and Ram used for the military along with a small Dodge pickup truck based on the Hilux sold in the USA probably that Dodge small pickup truck might be an import from Thailand.

Who knows let's see how it comes out when Toyota get all the Chrysler brands?

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