Lancia Introduces The Pu+Ra HPE Concept Car

Previewing The Future Design Language For The Italian Marque...

Lancia, the Italian brand owned by Stellantis, has unveiled the Pu+Ra HPE Concept, which pays homage to the brand’s iconic past while showcasing the brand’s future in terms of European electric vehicles (EVs). Pu+Ra is an acronym for pure and radical, while HPE stands for high-performance electric. This same acronym was used for the Lancia Beta in the 1970s to denote the high-performance estate variant.

Peugeot Pu+Ra HPE Concept. (Peugeot).

“The new era of Lancia starts today with a new Logo and a clear design vision,” explained Luca Napolitano, Lancia CEO. “In anticipation of the new Ypsilon, the first vehicle of the new Lancia, we are introducing Lancia Pu+Ra Zero, a sculpture, a three-dimensional manifesto which inspires the vehicles that will be launched between 2024 and 2028.”

The rear horizontal “blinds” on the Lancia Pu+Ra HPE Concept have been reinterpreted from the sporty Stratos. The concept’s rear resembles the old two-door rally car, with hollow round tail lights and the new Lancia lettering stuck between them. The progressive green exterior of the concept also pays homage to the historic Lancia Flaminia Azzuro Vincennes.

Peugeot Pu+Ra HPE Concept. (Peugeot).

The circular roof is one of the concept’s most striking features, which the Italian brand claims is inspired by architectural elements and is used throughout the vehicle, including the interior. The new concept has many round-shaped features, such as round carpets made of natural wool on the floor, a round coffee table on the center console, and a circle in the dashboard.

Classic Italian household armchairs heavily influence the front seat; the volumes of the new vehicles are created by successive layering, adding and intersecting elementary and iconic shapes, such as the circle, rectangle, and triangle, and combining them with eclectic details. The result is an overall language that is not typically automotive.

Peugeot Pu+Ra HPE Concept. (Peugeot).

The Italian automaker didn’t go into much detail about the concept’s all-electric powertrain. However, according to the brand’s manifesto, for the next ten years, it could offer over 424 miles (700 kilometers) of range on a single charge.

Lancia’s Sound Air Light Augmentation (SALA) system allows the driver and front passenger to customize the car’s interior environment by simply pressing a button or speaking.

Lancia Pu+Ra HPE Concept. (Lancia).

The Pu+Ra HPE Concept signals the reincarnation of the once-famous rally-bred nameplate. Lancia plans to debut a premium sedan and a hatchback bearing the Delta name later in the decade are rumored to be based on the new STLA Medium platform.

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Rooting for Lancia. This concept is hard to get a handle on as to what Lancia is developing, too much “far out” things here including little pragmatic, marketable styling. I link Lancia’s fate to Chrysler emotionally and experientialy, which in similar fashion has been neglectful and indifferent essentially by Stellantis. I am disappointed, actually concerned with the Airflow which lacks a Chrysler signature styling theme or any historic legacy character styling to raise the brand back from the dead. So much to draw upon. So little distinctive in the Airflow.
Lancia is daring here at least, Chrysler the opposite with a cookie cutter bland effort that could sink Chrysler like a rock.
Hope these two brands can create new products that is styled for a future worthy of its past. Their all electric commitment is not enough to build upon, especially when electrification is so tentative going forward, without creating great style and a bold, definitive style signature based on heritage and classic identity.

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I thought Pu+Ra means putrid and rancid. I'm not a fan of the styling in this one.

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I agree, except for the front grill and somewhat the rear styling, this has a “Star Wars” theme that communicated confusion. Just saw a video on Lincoln and why it is struggling. Lancia/Chrysler executives should view it, there seems to be a lesson to be learned here. Standing out is inability to identify and reach a defined demographic, abandoning sedans and cars generally and lack of investment in engineering new platforms and interior design and quality. Essentially the luxury imports are eating their lunch and the bean counters lack commitment to the brand. Sound familiar?

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This concept shows us the stylistic elements that will be implemented in production models.
The face is an evolution and adaption of the grille that Lancias used to have in ICE cars to the EV future. The headlights will probably also follow the design shown here.

The models they announced are a new Ypsilon, which will be a B-segment car, not sure if SUV or not.
It will be another model in the e-CMP platform that will share the same electric engine and battery pack as the Avenger, 600, Alfa B-SUV, Peugeot e208, e-2008, eDS3, eC4, Mokka-e and Corsa-e.
This will come in 2024.

In 2026, a midsize/D-segment sport-SUV named Gamma. It'll be in the STLA Medium platform, like the new Giulia.
In 2028, the new Lancia Delta, a C hatchback or SUV, which will be also based on the STLA Medium like the Tonale/Hornet successor.

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