Meet The Ultra-Premium 2022 Jeep® Grand Wagoneer:

Fully-Loaded Will Set You Back $111,000 USD...

The 2022 Jeep® Grand Wagoneer marks the rebirth of the classic nameplate of the premium American icon. The newest vision of the Grand Wagoneer is a more modern expression than the original premium SUV that we all know and love. While some Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer traditionalist will struggle to find that connection between the beloved Jeep Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer (SJ) that ran in production for 28-years, the Grand Wagoneer (WS) will bring try to capture the same ambiance that captured the hearts of many Jeep fans from generations prior.

2022 Jeep® Grand Wagoneer Series III. (Jeep).

“Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer are born from Jeep, but their character is different than the rest of the brand,” says Christian Meunier, Global President of the Jeep brand. “They are modern and forward-looking. There is a pure DNA we’re building on to make these products absolutely unique.”

On the exterior, the Grand Wagoneer looks much like its Wagoneer sibling. But there are several differences to tell each model apart. The Grand Wagoneer receives its own unique hood, front fascia, grille design, and set of twin bi-functional projector headlamps. The Grand Wagoneer grille retains a similar shape to the original Wagoneer SJ. It features W-A-G-O-N-E-E-R text on top of the grille as opposed to the hood like the standard Wagoneer models.

2022 Jeep® Grand Wagoneer Series III. (Jeep).

From the side, the Grand Wagoneer features slab-sided door panels and tall windows, paying homage to the original SJ model. But that is about as close to heritage you are going to get with this new Wagoneer. Instead of having a slanted rear pillar like the original model, the new generation of Grand Wagoneer is a box. It’s bold and looks more like a modern take on the three-row 2006 to 2010 Jeep Commander (XK) than the original SJ. 

The side windows are outlined in liquid-chrome trim, with a chrome piece running from the A-pillar, over the side glass, and wrapping around the back of the vehicle above the rear glass and outlines a black two-tone roof. Unlike the Wagoneer, Grand Wagoneer features wheel-arches that are body-matched making the exterior look more upscale. Puddle lamps under the exterior mirrors project the Wagoneer logo as you approach the vehicle.

2022 Jeep® Grand Wagoneer Series III. (Jeep).

At the rear of the vehicle, the Grand Wagoneer features unique sheet metal to the liftgate allowing for a unique set of clear-lens LED taillamps. LED reverse lights are mounted low on the rear bumper and a unique bezel wraps around the area where the license plate is located. Liquid-chrome trim wraps around the liftgate glass, while bold G-R-A-N-D and W-A-G-O-N-E-E-R text are prominently placed just below.

While the more mainstream Wagoneer comes with the 5.7-liter HEMI V8 with eTorque mild-hybrid system as standard equipment. The Grand Wagoneer ups the ante with a 6.4-liter HEMI V8 delivering 471 horsepower (351 kW) and 455 lb.-ft. (617 Nm) of torque. The 6.4-liter HEMI is mated to an 8-speed TorqueFlite automatic transmission. All Grand Wagoneer models come with the legendary Quadra-Drive II four-wheel-drive (4×4) system. The Quadra-Drive II system features a full-time, two-speed transfer case with an electronic limited-slip differential (eLSD).

6.4-liter HEMI V8 in the Grand Wagoneer. (Jeep).

For those who are wondering, yes, the 6.4-liter in the Grand Wagoneer is a version of the SRT 392 cubic-inch “Apache” HEMI V8 and not the 6.4-liter “BGE” (or Big Gas Engine) HEMI V8 from the Ram Heavy Duty pickups. Jeep states that the 6.4-liter will be tuned for more of a refined experience rather than performance like it is under the hood of the Grand Cherokee and Durango SRT models.

For those who are looking for a rugged SUV to tow the boat, camper, or snowmobile trailer for that weekend away from home, the Grand Wagoneer will be a great choice with its best-in-class towing capacity of 9,860 lbs.

Grand Wagoneers will be available in three trim levels, Series I, Series II, and Series III.

2022 Jeep® Grand Wagoneer Series III. (Jeep).

Based on the current Ram 1500 architecture, the body-on-frame Grand Wagoneer is the ultimate Jeep family wagon. Built on a 123-inch wheelbase, the Grand Wagoneer features a fully-independent front and rear suspension. The front suspension uses a double-wishbone design and features lightweight composite upper control arms and aluminum lower control arms. The rear suspension setup features a multi-link layout.

The Quadra-Lift air suspension is also standard on all Grand Wagoneer models. The four-corner air suspension system allows for optimal ride and aerodynamic performance. Another benefit of the air suspension is the load-leveling capability, which automatically detects load on the suspension from a trailer or payload. The gas pressure increases until the vehicle reaches normal ride height, leveling the vehicle and improving the loaded ride. Additionally, a separate button on the key fob gives the operator the ability to manually lower the vehicle, allowing for ease of passenger entry and cargo loading. The Quadra-Lift suspension can lift the Grand Wagoneer up to 10.1-inches of ground clearance.

2022 Jeep® Grand Wagoneer Series III. (Jeep).

Inside, the Grand Wagoneer can’t be compared to anything else on the road. Building on the Wagoneer’s interior there is more premium materials such as Satin America Walnut wood, aluminum, and Nappa or Palermo leather-trimmed seating. Grand Wagoneer features touchscreens everywhere throughout its interior. A 12.3-inch customizable digital instrument cluster and 12-inch center-mounted Uconnect 5 touchscreen offer the driver plenty of customizable features to allow them to make Grand Wagoneer meet all of their favorite preferences. Both driver and passenger seats offer 24-way power-adjustable seats including bolster adjustments, cushion extensions, and even massage features which can be controlled by a 10.25-inch touchscreen located in front of the vehicle’s rotary dial shifter.

2022 Jeep® Grand Wagoneer Series III. (Jeep).

There is an available 10.25-inch Uconnect 5 infotainment system located in front of the front-row passenger. It offers several “co-pilot” features, allowing the driver to focus on the road while the front passenger finds navigation destinations, plays audio, and adjusts vehicle settings. The screen can also display a true smartphone mirror, allowing the passenger to do things like answer emails, play videos and games, and access social media. A privacy filter keeps the screen obscured from the driver, limiting distraction.

2022 Jeep® Grand Wagoneer Series III. (Jeep).

Grand Wagoneer models come standard with a set of second-row captain’s chairs and a fixed center console with a 10.3-inch comfort screen. For those who have larger families, you can opt for a bench seat which allows the Grand Wagoneer to seat 8 passengers comfortably. Second-row passengers also can be entertained with a pair of 10.1-inch Uconnect 5 entertainment screens mounted on the front seatbacks. These screens can access audio and video sources, and even stream Amazon Fire TV for Auto using the vehicle’s onboard WiFi.

2022 Jeep® Grand Wagoneer Series III. (Jeep).

All Grand Wagoneer models will come standard with the McIntosh MX950 sound system that is available on the Grand Cherokee L. It will feature 19-speakers which includes a 10-inch subwoofer, and a 950-watt amplifier For those who are real audiophiles, available on Grand Wagoneer Series I and Series II models, and standard on Grand Wagoneer Series III is the MX1375 system. The McIntosh MX1375 sound system uses 23-speaker, 1950-watts of power, and features immersive 3D sound processing for clear and true-to-life audio.

Grand Wagoneer models also get adjustable ambient lighting, giving a special appearance to the vehicle’s interior at night.

2022 Jeep® Grand Wagoneer Series III. (Jeep).

Grand Wagoneer will be the ultimate ultra-premium halo vehicle for the Jeep brand. With a starting U.S. Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $86,995 for the Grand Wagoneer Series I (not including the $1,695 for destination charges) and $103,995 for the top-their Series III trim. There will also be a special all-blacked out Grand Wagoneer Obsidian model based on the Series II trim package, it will have an MSRP of $98,995. According to Jeep, the Grand Wagoneer will top out at around $111,000 when all the options are checked off.

2022 Jeep® Grand Wagoneer Series III. (Jeep).

Joining the 7 exterior colors from the 2022 Jeep Wagoneer, which included Diamond Black, Bright White, Luxury White, Silver Zynith, Baltic Gray, Velvet Red, and River Rock Blue, Grand Wagoneer also adds 3 additional colors to its palette. Those colors are Midnight Sky Blue, Rocky Mountain Green, and Ember Red.

Jeep is taking $500 refundable deposits for both vehicles through Jeep’s website starting Thursday.

So what do you think of the new 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer? Let us know in the comments below, or in our dedicated WagoneerForums.org owner’s forums.

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