Meet The First New Lancia Ypsilon In 13-Years!

This Is The Car That Will Kick Off The Renaissance For The Italian Marque...

Stellantis has recently taken the wraps off the all-new Lancia Ypsilon, a premium B-segment hatchback that marks the brand’s return to the automotive scene. This stylish subcompact car is built on the CMP/eCMP architecture, a platform it shares with other popular models like the Jeep® Avenger, Fiat 600e, Peugeot 208 II, and Opel Corsa F. It’s noteworthy that this release is the first completely new Lancia vehicle in the past 13 years, signifying a fresh start for the brand. 

Lancia Ypsilon Edizione Limitata Cassina. (Lancia).

The Ypsilon introduces Lancia’s updated design language, offering a blend of ‘pure’ and ‘radical’ elements. Inspired by Lancia’s iconic rally cars, such as the Stratos, the headlights and taillights showcase a distinctive look. The front-end styling is marked by an integrated “Y” design, and Gloss Black elements enhance the vehicle’s aesthetics, accentuating features like fender flares, side mirrors, and the rear pillar.

“With [the] new Lancia Ypsilon, the first car of the new era of the brand, we are relaunching, starting again from Italy. Its design is inspired by the brand’s glorious past, now reinterpreted in a modern way. The model represents the ultimate expression of onboard comfort and design, featured by category-leading technology and connectivity yet always simple and intuitive, in perfect Lancia style. This result was also achieved thanks to the collaboration with Cassina, who, together with our Centro Stile in Turin, designed a true living room inspired by the welcoming Italian homes,” stated Luca Napolitano, CEO of the Lancia brand.

Lancia Ypsilon Edizione Limitata Cassina. (Lancia).

Adding an exclusive touch to the lineup is the limited-edition Lancia Ypsilon Edizione Limitata Cassina. Limited to 1,906 units, paying tribute to Lancia’s founding year, this variant solidifies the connection between automotive and interior design. Inspired by Italian furnishings, it combines tradition and innovation, focusing on design, comfort, and onboard well-being.

The attention to detail in the Ypsilon is evident in its interior, featuring Lancia’s iconic blue hue in a soft velvet material made from 100% recycled yarn. The model also introduces a multifunctional “tavolino” (Italian for a small table) made of bio-based plastic, creating a welcoming space in the passenger compartment.

Lancia Ypsilon Edizione Limitata Cassina. (Lancia).

The exterior design of the Ypsilon combines Lancia blue with black alloy wheels, showcasing a refined and uniform visual impact. The rear of the car boasts a lighting system inspired by the legendary Lancia Stratos, including iconic round full-LED headlights that now incorporate a new design element, the letter Y.

Technological advancements take center stage in the Ypsilon, making it a smart city car. It features a parking assistance system, dual 10.25-inch screens for driver information, customizable colors, and a keyless entry and start system. The S.A.L.A. (Sound Air Light Augmentation) infotainment system integrates audio, climate control, and lighting functions, allowing users to adjust the interior environment with a simple touch.

Lancia Ypsilon Edizione Limitata Cassina. (Lancia).

Moreover, the Ypsilon is the first production car to adopt the Lancia Pu+Ra Design language, blending tradition and innovation by superimposing successive layers of basic and iconic shapes. The rear of the car pays homage to Lancia’s brutal sporting history, featuring the greatest lighting system in its segment.

To ensure a comfortable driving experience, the Ypsilon offers adjustable, massaging, and heated electric seats, creating a veritable living space within the car. The wide range of equipment includes Level 2 Autonomous Driving as standard, with features like Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Centering.

Lancia Ypsilon Edizione Limitata Cassina. (Lancia).

The Ypsilon isn’t just about style and comfort; it’s also embracing the future with an all-electric powertrain option. The electric model packs a 156 horsepower (115 kW) power unit and a 51 kWh battery, providing an impressive range of up to 403 km (250 miles) in the WLTP combined cycle. Fast-charging capabilities mean a quick top-up, with approximately 24 minutes needed to charge from 20% to 80% capacity or 10 minutes for a 100 km (62 miles)range.

Despite being an Italian brand, the new Lancia Ypsilon will roll off the production line at the Stellantis Zaragoza Assembly Plant in Spain. The Ypsilon will only be sold in Europe.

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I think this is the best-looking version of the Coachwork engineered models. Lancia fans have been waiting a long time for a new model.

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Well said @TripleT . Plugged in folks will recognize the similarities but normal consumers don't see the fact these two vehciles are sort of twins


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The interior looks very Peugeot (despite ""Lancia’s iconic blue hue in a soft velvet material made from 100% recycled yarn").

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