Lancia Introduces Its New Ypsilon Hybrid EcoChic:

Italian Mild-Hybrid City Car Makes Its Debut...

Over the past decade, the Lancia brand has gone from a brand consisting of mostly rebadged Chrysler vehicles to just a single-vehicle lineup in only one market. With 3,000,000 units produced in its 35-year history, Lancia is updating its Ypsilon city car with a new mid-hybrid version aimed at women. The new Ypsilon Hybrid EcoChic adopts the gasoline mild-hybrid system from the new Fiat Panda and 500 Hybrid models that recently hit European showrooms.

2020 Lancia Ypsilon Hybrid EcoChic Marine Edition. (Lancia).

The new Ypsilon Hybrid EcoChic is equipped with a gasoline mild-hybrid engine that combines the latest 3-cylinder FireFly 1.0-liter engine family with a 12-volt Belt Start Generator (BSG) electric motor and a lithium battery that delivers 70 horsepower (51kW). Compared to the outgoing 1.2-liter 69 horsepower gasoline engine, the mild-hybrid version improves fuel efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions on the road by up to 30% without impeding performance. It also ensures a very high standard of driving comfort thanks to the BSG system, allowing for a quiet, vibration-free restart of the internal combustion engine in Stop & Start mode.

2020 Lancia Ypsilon Hybrid EcoChic Marine Edition. (Lancia).

The Ypsilon Hybrid EcoChic will be offered in two different trims, Silver and Gold. While the Silver trim is considered the standard trim model, the Gold trim adds a more refined package which adds leather-wrapped steering wheel, electric mirrors, rear parking sensors, chromed exhaust, 15-inch aluminum wheels, Gloss Black mirror caps, fog lamps, 5-inch Uconnect™ touchscreen infotainment system with steering wheel-mounted controls.

Inside, Chevron devorè-style makes up the seat design on the Ypsilon Silver, while a Jacquard motif with stylish textures is paired with the Ypsilon Gold. A customer can customize their Ypsilon according to their preferences and needs with three new packages.

2020 Lancia Ypsilon Hybrid EcoChic Marine Edition. (Lancia).

The Gold Plus package features Alcantara® accents which characterize the seatbacks with geometries designed by the stitching with a tufted ton-sur-ton weave, embellished with the embroidery of the “Y” logo on the front headrests. Automatic air conditioning, side molding, and chrome mirror caps complete the equipment and reflect its brilliant character. 

The Style package adds a touch of fashion to the EcoChic with rear privacy glass, navigation, cruise control, rain and daylight/nighttime sensors. For more of an urban look, the package also adds a set of Black Diamond-painted 15-inch aluminum wheels. The Comfort package comes with a 60/40 split rear seat, rear electric windows, and driver’s seat with lumbar adjustment. A Silver Design package adds more flare to the Ypsilon Silver with fog lights and 15-inch wheels.

2020 Lancia Ypsilon Hybrid EcoChic Marine Edition. (Lancia).

A new Ypsilon Hybrid EcoChic Marine special edition celebrates the launch of the new mild-hybrid city car. Inspired by the sea, the new package starts with the Ypsilon Gold and adds privacy glass, cruise control, and rain and daylight/nighttime sensors and is showcased in a new Blue Marine paint. The EcoChic Marine also adds SEAQUAL ® YARN fabric seats. The effect is contemporary and always elegant, thanks to the weave with the classic Chevron motif of a black base color. Plastic collected from the Mediterranean with the help of fishermen is transformed by SEAQUAL ® into a polyester yarn used for fabric material.

The EcoChic Marine package is available in seven exterior colors that include Blue Marine, Chic Ivory, Slate Gray, Snow White, Silver Gray, Stone Gray, and Vulcano Black.

2020 Lancia Ypsilon Hybrid EcoChic Marine Edition. (Lancia).

To help ease comfort to its customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Mopar is introducing a new D-Fence package on the new Ypsilon Hybrid. The package is composed of a filter that retains impurities that come from the outside, blocks particulate matter and practically 100% of allergens, and reduces the formation of mold and bacteria by 98%; an air purifier inside the passenger compartment, which filters out micro-particles, such as pollen or bacteria; a UV lamp that helps to sanitize all contact surfaces such as the steering wheel, gearbox, and seats.

Pricing for the new mild-hybrid city car starts at…

  • Ypsilon Hybrid EcoChic Silver – € 14,450 (or about $16,050 USD)
  • Ypsilon Hybrid EcoChic Gold – € 15,750 (or about $17,750 USD)
  • Ypsilon Hybrid EcoChic Marine – € 16,400 (or about $18,210 USD)

For more information and availabilty, you can visit Lancia.com.

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