Meet The FIAT “500 Iride” eScooter Powered By Mopar®!

Mopar Now Offers eScooter Based On The 500e For Italy...

Stellantis promotes increasingly sustainable, accessible, and distinctive mobility, thus imagining the “green” future of our cities, where technological innovation goes hand in hand with respect for the environment. From this strong and clear mission, the Mopar® and FIAT teams set out to create the “500 Iride”, consolidating the close collaboration that has always linked them and giving birth to a new electric scooter destined to change urban micro-mobility to zero-emissions.

Mopar FIAT 500 Iride eScooter. (Mopar).

Designed by the Fiat Style Center, in collaboration with Compagnia Ducale, the exclusive “500 Iride” is a product with an unmistakable Italian design that took inspiration from the electric 500e, the first 100% electric car of the FIAT brand, sharing its desire to ensure a better future for the next generations. Dedicated to the 500e but intended for the entire 500 lineup, except for the specific charging solution in the boot, the new electric scooter by Mopar allows you to move around the streets of the center, in a distinctive way, effectively becoming “the accelerator ”Ideal of the last mile.

Mopar FIAT 500 Iride eScooter. (Mopar).

“Since the initial design of the 500e, the Mopar team has worked together with colleagues in engineering, style, and product with the aim of offering maximum customization through a wide collection of Authentic Accessories by Mopar® consistent with the spirit of the model,” says Francesco Abbruzzesi, Head of Mopar Europe. “Today we take a step forward by presenting the “500 Iride” with which we open a new era in the field of urban micro-mobility in the name of the Fiat icon. For its realization, we made use of the know-how of Compagnia Ducale, one of our long-standing licensing partners with whom we have already developed some customized products with the stylistic features of the FIAT, Lancia, Abarth, and Alfa Romeo brands.

Mopar FIAT 500 Iride eScooter. (Mopar).

“500 Iride” will be on sale at all FIAT dealerships and on the Mopar Store, even for those who are not customers of a FIAT car, and is offered at the introductory price of €699 (or about $811.30 USD) which includes a 2-year warranty, direct assistance via the App, as well as a dedicated call center, website, and technical assistance network.

The Meeting Between Design & Nature – 

Mopar FIAT 500 Iride eScooter. (Mopar).

The name 500 Iride takes its cue from the iconic round headlights of the 500 that have distinguished it for 64 years, giving it that proverbial, captivating, and friendly “look”. The same style, famous throughout the world, is found in the circular position light, placed under the handlebar, which makes the “500 Iride” unique in the panorama of electric scooters. But the name Iride also recalls the rainbow as an expression of beauty in nature. Not surprisingly, the first two colors available are Celestial Blue and Cloud Gray which, created exclusively for the new 500e, refer respectively to the sky and rain clouds.

The red livery that pays homage to the new (500) RED Family brand will also be available soon, born from the collaboration between FIAT and (RED) to spread the shared message of care for the environment, the planet, and people.

500 Iride RED was presented a few days ago on the occasion of “Planting the seeds of our future”, the extraordinary event held on the roof of the Lingotto, in Turin, for the inauguration of Casa 500 and La Pista 500, Fiat’s “green” manifesto, together with the launch of the 500e RED.

Mopar FIAT 500 Iride eScooter (RED). (Mopar).

As for the purchase of the car, also for the eScooter marked (RED) part of the proceeds will be donated to the (RED) association.  

Finally, the logo takes up the silhouette of an electric scooter and is embellished with the “Light Blue” color, like that of the 500e, revealing its electric and innovative soul at the service of sustainability and respect for the environment.

Technical Characteristics & Safety At The Highest Levels – 

Mopar FIAT 500 Iride eScooter. (Mopar).

Equipped with a 250-watt motor, “500 Iride” can be used as a real means of transport to travel independently up to 30 kilometers (18.6 miles), with a maximum speed subject to local regulation but which can reach up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph) and be fully recharged in four and a half hours. Its wide footboard, 10-inch inner tube tires, rear shock absorber, and integrated display, together with the telescopic handlebar for improved and personalized handling, offer a driving experience with absolute comfort. Weighing only 15 kg (33 lbs.) the easy-folding closure makes it easily transportable by hand or in the luggage compartment of your car.

Mopar FIAT 500 Iride eScooter. (Mopar).

The front light with long-distance visibility and the rear light that flashes during braking contribute to maximum safety. Furthermore, when driving on pedestrian streets, it is possible to activate – via the App or directly from the display – the “pedestrian mode” function which limits the speed to 6 km/h (3.7 mph). Finally, on request, the Safety Pack is available which includes a helmet, high visibility vest, and locking system for parking.

Specific Bag & 12-Volt Charger – 

Mopar FIAT 500 Iride eScooter. (Mopar).

The “500 Iride” has a dedicated bag for easy transport in a car. In fact, it can be placed in the boot of the 500e, thanks to the Velcro base and the straps that attach to the Isofix system of the rear seats, thus ensuring safe, clean, and noise-free transport. Furthermore, on request, a 12-volt charger is available to be placed in the rear compartment (sold separately or in combination with the bag) which allows you to fully recharge the electric scooter with less than 1% of the battery capacity of the 500e. Without forgetting that “500 Iride” can also be powered with a charging cable to the domestic socket (standard).

Everything Under Control With The Dedicated App – 

Mopar FIAT 500 Iride eScooter. (Mopar).

Available on the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Google), the dedicated App allows you to completely manage “500 Iride” using your smartphone. In particular, it is possible to check the battery status, range, actual speed, total travel distance and times, and CO2 emissions savings. Directly from the App you can also set cruise control or choose one of the four driving modes available: “Normal” for balanced daily use; “Sherpa” to minimize energy consumption; “Sport” for those who prefer a more lively drive; and “pedestrian mode” for use in pedestrian areas. Finally, the App (which acts as an electronic key to start the scooter in electric mode) offers multi-user management to share “500 Iride” with family or friends, up to a maximum of four people.

The 500 Iride is only available in Italy at the moment. For more information, you can visit the 500 Iride dedicated website.

What do you think of Mopar and FIAT teaming up to selling eScooters? Let us know in the comments below or in the MoparInsiders.com forums.

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