Meet The Carbon-Fiber Bodied C68 CARBON From eXoMod!

First Build, Goes Up For Auction At Mecum Las Vegas...

eXoMod is a well-known builder of some of the coolest American muscle resto-mod builds in circulation. In recent weeks, the West Virginian company has started production on a low-volume series of vehicles that takes the current Dodge Challenger and reskins it with a full-carbon 1968 Dodge Charger R/T-inspired body. The result is the C68 CARBON.

eXoMod Dodge C68 CARBON. (Mecum).

While not an identical reproduction of the iconic second-generation Charger B-Body, the C68 CARBON does its best to look the part. Despite a 1-inch difference in wheelbase between the second-generation Charger and the current Challenger, the overall dimensions of the architectures are quite different.

So eXoMod had to proportion worked hard on creating a body that could fit over the Challenger which would allow it to retain all of its features and hide things like the Challenger’s 4-inches of additional width. The result is a car that carries over a lot of the iconic looks but also has its own unique cues too.

eXoMod Dodge C68 CARBON. (Mecum).

Overall, the car has gained a lot of attention wherever it has been shown off. It also has been featured in numerous magazines and featured at even some impressive awards like the Modern Muscle award at the 2022 Goodguys Summit Racing Nationals.

Painted in Electric Blue Pearl with White R/T stripes, this is the very first C68 CARBON produced by eXoMod. It is serialized as No. 01 and is based on a 2022 Dodge Challenger SRT HELLCAT Redeye. That means that there is 797 supercharged horsepower under the hood of this awesome ride.

eXoMod Dodge C68 CARBON. (Mecum).

The car sits on a handsome set of 20-inch Forgeline custom billet wheels, which are wrapped with Nitto NT555 G2 tires, 285/35ZR20 front and 315/35ZR20 rear.

Other custom touches to this first build are the custom carbon fiber dual-snorkel hood and Pearl Italian leather interior with eXoMod logo embroidered into the headrest.

This first build is scheduled to go across the auction block at the Mecum Las Vegas event, in November. With that being said, the car has already attracted a lot of attention. For more information on the Mecum bidding process for the car, you can visit its dedicated auction listing page.

eXoMod Dodge C68 CARBON. (Mecum).

Want your own custom build?

But if you don’t feel like bidding it out and rather custom order your C68 CARBON, eXoMod currently has an order guide that allows a customer to choose from several options.

There you can choose from a number of heritage colors (B5 Blue, F8 Green, Sublime, Black Velvet, Go ManGo, Burnt Orange, TorRed, and A4 Silver), pearlescent colors (Oriental Blue, SnowWhite, Black Forest, Granite Crystal, or Electric Blue), or even Kandy paint colors at an additional cost (Kandy Apple Red, Organic Green Kandy, Orange Fire, Root Beer, Tangerine, and Voodoo Purple).

eXoMod Dodge C69 CARBON Ad. (eXoMod).

Six different Forgeline wheel designs (GA3 Concave, Magnum, Rodster, DE3C, VX1R, and Steelie Dog Dish). As well as a number of trim colors and interior color options.

And for those who aren’t a big fan of the 1968 look, you can opt for a 1969-styled front and rear with eXoMod’s C69 CARBON package. The group is also hard at work on creating a Daytona-themed package which they will call D69 CARBON.

For those curious about the cost of the builds, versus bidding on the car at Mecum, an R/T Scat Pack modded C68/C69 starts at $325,000. Step up to an SRT HELLCAT equipped model it will set up back an additional $40,000, and for those wanting HELLCAT Redeye power, you are looking at $395,000. eXoMod does also offer upgradable performance levels for each trim too, 530 horsepower for Scat Packs, 775 horsepower for SRT HELLCATs, and 885 horsepower with SRT HELLCAT Redeyes.

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