Maserati Opens New Halo Dealer Design In North America

Boch Maserati In Norwood, Massachusetts, Shows What Maserati Dealers Will Soon Look Like...

Maserati has unveiled its first all-new North American retail store concept at Boch Maserati in Norwood, Massachusetts, near Boston. The unveiling follows the global premiere of the concept last year in Milan’s historic Magenta district and marries the refinement of a tailor’s atelier (studio) with the rawness of an Italian officina (garage) to inspire customers as they build and purchase their bespoke Maserati.

Boch Maserati dealer in Norwood, Mass. (Maserati).

The pioneering new architectural concept was co-created with the New York-based experience design firm, Eight Inc. and echoes a luxury fashion retailer, restaurant, or private club, imbued with rich Italian design and signature Maserati hospitality. With more than 7,450 square feet for visitors to explore, 3,100 has been specially designated as a showroom displaying Maserati vehicles in a raw yet sophisticated setting. This inviting new environment presents the cars lit like dynamic sculptures in a darkened art gallery. Adjustable spotlights are focused on the individual Maserati vehicles while ambient light levels are left very low – allowing the products to stand out from the darker surroundings.

The vehicles are surrounded by curated exhibits and Fuoriserie collection ‘elements’ to bring guests into the rich world of Maserati. A large wall projection provides storytelling, showcasing the brand’s history and creating a focal point at the rear end of the showroom, attracting customers to explore the full depth of the space.

Boch Maserati dealer in Norwood, Mass. (Maserati).

Additional rooms encourage further interaction with the brand. The Launchpad creates a moment of theatre, offering an immersive space with dramatic lighting to celebrate test drives and vehicle delivery. And for those looking for a more private setting away from the showroom, the consultation rooms offer a quiet alternative to the central lounges, each equipped with the high-resolution MXE 3D configurator to bring their new model to life.

“We identified Boch Maserati as the ideal place to launch our first North American retail store as they have a passionate customer base who will embrace our pillars of performance, style, and innovation,” said CEO of Maserati Americas, Bill Peffer. “Luxury is about emotion and connection.  This thoughtful new space brings that mindset to life by putting a strong focus on configuration, customization, and our unique Fuoriserie program to encourage hands-on, interactive explorations of Maserati’s capabilities.”

Boch Maserati dealer in Norwood, Mass. (Maserati).

As well as marking the official opening of the new retail concept, the evening launch event also served as a celebration of the new fleet of Maserati vehicles: the iconic Maserati GranTurismo, the all-new Maserati Grecale Trofeo, and the revolutionary Maserati MC20 Cielo and Maserati MC20 Coupe. Sharing the limelight was Mr. Boch’s treasured Classic Maserati Collection,, which illustrated the company’s historical, technical, and design evolution.

Speaking at the opening to more than 200 attendees, President of Boch Maserati, Ernie Boch Jr. said, “We’re honored to spearhead the new retail concept in the Americas. The new showroom is the embodiment of modern Maserati – allowing clients to bring their passions to life in an inviting, creative space that doesn’t feel like a typical auto retail setting. We look forward to beginning this new chapter and the future of the Maserati brand.”

Boch Maserati dealer in Norwood, Mass. (Maserati).

The launch of the new retail space at Boch Maserati follows global openings in Milan and London, among others. The concept will roll out in additional locations across North America in 2024.

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It simply amazes me that Maserati in my area has two magnificent dealerships, one co-branded with Ferrari and one with Alfa Romeo, and all these brands do very well in the local market. Yet it seems in areas of the country they have very little presence. Sure it’s demographics and disposable income, but dealerships are needed to sell cars. These large and impressive dealerships, placed in areas that gravitate to high end imports, might just be the key to growing Maserati in North America. If it works in New York and Florida, why not in many more locations? I can’t tell you about the great time I had at the Grecale launch party, that glitz and glamor is what brings people to a luxury brand. Let’s get more dealerships like these in more markets. Working here.

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