Stellantis Launches bproauto Brand In North America

Will Add Additional Support Along With Mopar For Dealers To Service All Makes And Models...

In a strategic move to bolster its replacement parts and service business in North America, Stellantis has unveiled its latest venture – the bproauto aftermarket parts brand. This innovative line of high-quality, competitively priced replacement parts marks a significant expansion of Stellantis’ offerings. With a proven track record of success across Europe, the Middle East, and South America, the bproauto parts portfolio has finally arrived on North American shores, aiming to address the rapidly evolving aftermarket landscape and the ongoing shift towards vehicle electrification.

Stellantis’ bproauto parts brand is now being launched in North America. (Stellantis).

The bproauto parts line, renowned for its original-equipment-backed components, covers an extensive range of makes and models, ensuring comprehensive coverage for a diverse array of vehicles. Customers can expect top-tier quality with the added assurance of up to a two-year/unlimited-mile warranty on these products. Notably, batteries come with a generous two-year free replacement coverage, and brake pads are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Mike Koval, the Head of Mopar North America, highlighted the significance of this introduction, stating, “With the introduction of bproauto, we’re further enhancing the customer experience by offering a new, competitively priced, private label line of high-quality, factory-backed parts for most makes and models.” Koval emphasized that while Mopar remains the global original-equipment parts and authentic accessories brand for Stellantis, bproauto fills a vital niche by catering to a wide range of vehicles – new, used, owned, rented, or shared.

This strategic move ensures that Stellantis dealerships in North America provide a comprehensive and multi-faceted solution. Koval explained, “With Mopar and bproauto, our dealerships offer a 360-degree, multi-brand, one-stop-shop solution for nearly all customers, all vehicles, and all brands.” This consolidated approach underscores Stellantis’ commitment to catering to diverse customer needs in an increasingly complex automotive landscape.

Stellantis’ bproauto parts brand is now being launched in North America. (Stellantis).

In North America, bproauto offers an extensive selection of 30 parts categories, designed to support the ongoing transformation of the automotive repair industry. Furthermore, the brand plans to introduce additional product lines into the Stellantis dealership network gradually.

The current bproauto parts available encompass essential components like air filters, batteries, brake pads, brake rotors, hub bearings, oil and oil filters, and tire-pressure monitoring systems. The brand is committed to expanding its offerings to include a wide range of high-quality products, such as ABS sensors, A/C compressors, ignition coils, lubricants, and O2 sensors. This comprehensive array of products highlights bproauto’s dedication to providing advanced technology solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the aftermarket industry.

Founded on a commitment to exceptional service, parts, and customer care, Mopar has been a global name synonymous with Stellantis’ genuine parts and authentic accessories. Since its inception in 1937, Mopar has evolved to encompass both vehicle care and authentic performance. Its rich history, from the muscle-car era to the present day, underscores Mopar’s integral role in enhancing customer and dealer support on a global scale.

Stellantis’ bproauto parts brand is now being launched in North America. (Stellantis).

In conclusion, the launch of the bproauto aftermarket parts brand by Stellantis represents a pivotal step towards elevating the customer experience in North America’s automotive aftermarket industry. By offering a comprehensive range of high-quality, factory-backed components, bproauto aims to seamlessly navigate the complexities of the evolving automotive landscape, ensuring that customers receive top-tier solutions for their diverse vehicle needs. This strategic move reinforces Stellantis’ commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction in a rapidly changing automotive world.

For more information, please visit: bproautoparts.com.

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