Marchionne Wins “World Car Person of the Year” Award:

Former FCA CEO Wins Another Title, Showing How Much He Touched The Industry...

More than 80 World Car Awards (WCA) jurors from 24 countries collectively decided by secret ballot that the automotive industry titan Sergio Marchionne, would be declared the winner of the prestigious World Car Person of the Year award.

Marchionne passed away unexpected last summer. At the time of his passing, Marchionne, held several titles in the automotive industry including CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA); Chairman, CNH Industrial; and chairman and CEO of Ferrari.

Sergio Marchionne Corporate Photo. (FCA)

Mike Manley, FCA’s recently-appointed President and CEO,  warmly received the trophy on behalf of his former boss and mentor.“It is an honor for me to receive this recognition from the World Car Awards’ jury, made posthumously to Sergio Marchionne. He was not one for pomp or fuss, preferring instead duty to the company he led for 14 years and the nurturing of a leadership team to take his legacy forward. I accept this award in this spirit and with thanks.”

World Car jurors voted for Italian-Canadian Marchionne over several other impressive motor industry executives, engineers, designers and entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe. His prestigious World Car Person of the Year award recognizes his accomplishment in taking two declining, regionally focused companies and forging them into one profitable global entity.

In addition, he spun off Ferrari as a highly successful separate business, solidifying the future of that iconic brand. And, shortly before his death, he set FCA on a defined five-year course to ensure its continued success.


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