Jeep® Grand Cherokee Joins Italian Anti-Terrorism Force:

Diesel Powered, Armored & Ready For Service...

While Dodge has recently released the Dodge Durango Pursuit for law enforcement duty in North America, the Italians have another Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) U.S. SUV of choice.

The Jeep® Grand Cherokee joins the anti-terrorism unit of the country’s Carabinieri. The law enforcement agency has 19 of these specially prepared SUVs on the way before the end of the year. The first of them went to officers in Rome.

Italian Carabinieri Jeep® Grand Cherokee. (Jeep Europe).

Sporting the Force’s institutional blue livery, the special fleet of 19 Jeep Grand Cherokee models is powered by the 190 horsepower 3.0-liter Multijet V6 diesel engine, mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive.

Various parts of the unstoppable Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles for the Carabinieri were armored, including the windscreen and side windows, tires and body. The suspension components were reinforced to enhance on-road handling capabilities. The end result is a tactical vehicle capable of ensuring top-level safety for servicemen and women while offering outstanding mechanical reliability to successfully take on any mission.

Italian Carabinieri Jeep® Grand Cherokee. (Jeep Europe).

These special Jeep Grand Cherokee models feature all-new blue LED flashers on the tailgate positioned by the sides of the license plate. In the cabin, they are equipped with the advanced technological systems used by the Force, such as the Odino system which connects in real time to the joint databases of the Italian Police, the vehicle registration authorities and Ania. The system runs on a 7-inch Android tablet and is conveniently placed on sliding tracks located on the dashboard.

Italian Carabinieri Jeep® Grand Cherokee. (Jeep Europe).

The first of the 19-vehicle fleet was delivered to the Italian Carabinieri a few days ago in Rome. By the end of this year, the entire Grand Cherokee fleet will be on active duty across Italy, reinforcing the historic partnership between the FCA Group and the Carabinieri. The relationship was born after the World War II when all patrol cars featured the Alfa Romeo brand. The new Grand Cherokee fleet joins the Renegade and the Wrangler SUVs already in service with the Carabinieri and is enhanced by the legendary off-road capabilities of the Jeep brand.

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