Jeep® Gives Us A Sneak Peek At The Interior Of It’s New Commander D-SUV:

Takes The Best Bits From The New Compass...

It seems there is a lot of news this week about the upcoming Jeep® seven-seat D-SUV, which is based on the popular Jeep Compass. Wearing the Commander nameplate (except in India where it will be called the Meridian), the newest three-row Jeep SUV will play a key role throughout most of the world’s competitive SUV markets. While we haven’t seen the finished product just yet, Jeep Brazil has released it’s next teaser video for the new Commander.

2022 Jeep® Commander D-SUV Interior Teaser. (Jeep).

The 40-second long video highlights the new Commander’s interior. The video shows the Commander’s suede and quilted leather seats, which Jeep says “were designed to offer the ultimate in refinement and comfort”. We also get a glimpse at the instrument panel, which looks to be directly taken from the new 2022 Jeep Compass. There is an all-digital gauge cluster with the animation featuring the “Commander” name on it.

2022 Jeep® Commander D-SUV Interior Teaser. (Jeep).

On the center console armrest between the driver and front passenger, the text “1941 Jeep” is inscribed. Bronze accents appear to highlight the center console as well, showing that even for its more fundamental models, the Jeep brand is willing to pay attention to the fine details and make vehicles like the new Commander stand out against the competition.

2022 Jeep® Commander D-SUV Interior Teaser. (Jeep).

We also get our first good look at the new third-row configuration. The new Commander is expected to feature seating up to seven passengers when equipped with a second-row bench seat. 

2022 Jeep® Commander D-SUV Interior Teaser. (Jeep).

The new 2022 Jeep Commander is expected to launch in the second half of 2021. The new Commander (H1) and its Meridian (H6) counterpart are expected to take over a more luxurious role in areas where the bigger Grand Cherokee and Wagoneer will not be able to compete due to their much more expensive price and size.

2022 Jeep® Commander D-SUV Interior Teaser. (Jeep).

The Jeep Commander will be the fourth product to be manufactured at the Jeep Automotive Pole in Goiana, Brazil. Commander has been developed since it’s inception in Brazil, with it’s Meridian sibling to be manufactured in India sometime in 2022. The Brazilian plant will export the Commander throughout the Latin American region.

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I kind of want this in the US.

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I think they should just bring Jeep Brazil and Fiat Brazil to the US as Chrysler..

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Impressive. Brazil should develop some product destined for the North American market. Seems to me they have the talent and resources to augment our market. Chrysler brand, starving for new and more vehicles would be the first recipient of this product. Too obvious to ignore. Hope the NA Compass shares this interior. Again, IMPRESSIVE!

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I agree with Mopar392! Chrysler needs something in the SUV or crossover arena. Rebadging a Jeep and adding some bling is not the way. They need a Jeep that is not a Jeep on sale in the US. Something different that’s sets it apart. The China version of the Commander or this 3 row Compass. Something please. Oh BTW a new 300 based on the new Charger would also be welcomed.

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Given Brazil tax structure and protectionism.... NO THANKS they can keep it local. I rather have it come from a more reasonable trade partner like India

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