Jeep Experience Tour & Jurassic World, Take A Bite Out Of London:

Jeep Brand & Jurassic Park Engage For A Special Event In London...

An exciting Wrangler driving event and a unique ‘Jurassic Park’ photo opportunity were two crowd-drawing experiences organized by Jeep on London’s famous South Bank last weekend.

In one area of the famous Blackfriars Thames-side towpath the 4×4 brand unveiled its Jeep Experience Tour, which is visiting six European cities. There, members of the public were invited to test the iconic Jeep Wrangler on a special ‘off-road’ style driving experience, while two other models from the brand’s lineup – Compass and the recently updated Renegade – were available to test drive on the road.

Jeep Experience Tour on London’s South Bank. (Jeep UK).

These three models have significantly refreshed the most award-winning Jeep lineup ever and are equipped to satisfy everyday needs and adventures more than ever before. The Jeep Experience Tour offers a chance to see the combination of the two personalities of Jeep – the wilderness and the urban attitude.

On a busy stand, a unique Rose Gold wrapped Wrangler was also displayed, courtesy of Jeep’s London-based retailer Motor Village UK. The £8,000 or $10,500 U.S. wrap, complete with £2,000 or $2,625 U.S. gloss black wheels, are available for order on any new Jeep Wrangler, from the Wigmore Street-based dealership site.

Jeep Experience Tour on London’s South Bank. (Jeep UK).

The Jeep Experience Tour began in Vienna in September, and went on to Berlin before coming to London. Next it travels to Brussels and finishes in Madrid at the end of the month.

A short distance away, the Jeep Wrangler was again involved in a unique opportunity – having a picture taken sitting in the vehicle next to a life size model T-Rex.

For one day only, the installation put the public and the Wrangler inside the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom movie, to celebrate the release of the film on DVD and Blu-ray.

An impressive life-size T-Rex appeared to be battling it out with the new Wrangler. It acted as an interactive photo opportunity for passers-by, who had the chance to climb in and get their picture taken with the T-Rex in hot pursuit, in the rear-view mirror.

Promotional staff were around to invite customers to have their photo taken with the Jeep Wrangler. While waiting for their photographs, the public could watch a 60-inch plasma screen playing DVD extras, built into a Jurassic World style rock.

Jeep Experience Tour on London’s South Bank. (Jeep UK).

“The T-Rex scene pays homage to the original Jurassic Park movie from 1993 where the Wrangler proves to be the ultimate get-away vehicle. Leveraging the authentic association with the Jurassic World franchise was the natural way to the launch the iconic but all-new Jeep Wrangler,” says Andrew Tracey, Marketing Director, Jeep UK.

“And, with the Jeep Experience Tour, just a short walk away from the T-Rex and Wrangler, it was an excellent opportunity to show a large number of residents and visitors to London, the excitement and buzz that Jeep is currently generating.”

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