Jeep® Confirms 2024 Grand Cherokee 4xe Will Arrive In Brazil

American-Built PHEV Will Head To South America...

In an exciting revelation, Jeep® has confirmed the arrival of the American-built Grand Cherokee 4xe to the Brazilian market for the 2024 model year. This highly anticipated release marks a significant leap forward in the world of electrified vehicles, as the fifth-gen Grand Cherokee will exclusively be available in its electrified form, setting a new standard for performance, fuel efficiency, and environmental consciousness.

Export Jeep® Grand Cherokee 4xe Test Vehicle. (WLJeepForum).

The Grand Cherokee 4xe boasts a remarkable set of features that enhance the brand’s core values of fun, freedom, and adventure. The innovative plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) technology offers:

  • An impressive all-electric range of 25 miles (40 km) and an outstanding 56 MPGe, combining the best of electric and conventional power.
  • A staggering 375 horsepower and 470 lb.-ft. of torque, ensuring a powerful and exhilarating driving experience.
  • The advanced Quadra Trac II 4×4 system, equipped with a two-speed transfer case and a 2.72:1 low-range gear ratio, providing unparalleled off-road capabilities.
  • A crawl ratio of 47.4:1, offering exceptional control and stability in challenging terrains.
  • A substantial 6,000-lbs. (2,720 kg) maximum towing capability, demonstrating the vehicle’s robust utility.
  • Striking blue tow hooks and a Trail Rated badge, underscoring the Grand Cherokee’s trail-conquering credentials.
  • Groundbreaking ground clearance of up to 10.9 inches (28.7 cm) and an impressive 24 inches (61 cm) of water fording capability, ensuring no adventure is too daunting.

The Grand Cherokee 4xe’s cutting-edge propulsion system seamlessly integrates two electric motors, a 400-volt battery pack, a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, and a TorqueFlite 8-speed automatic transmission. This meticulously crafted system optimizes efficiency and capability, delivering an extraordinary driving experience on all fronts.

Export Jeep® Grand Cherokee 4xe Test Vehicle. (WLJeepForum).

The vehicle’s 2.0-liter turbocharged I-4 engine, part of the Stellantis Global Medium Engine (GME) family, embodies efficiency and power. Equipped with a twin-scroll, low-inertia turbocharger directly mounted to the cylinder head, it exemplifies technological excellence. Electric power steering and an electrically driven air-conditioning compressor further enhance efficiency by alleviating load from the engine.

With E Selec modes, the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe puts the power in the driver’s hands. Whether it’s commuting, off-roading, or long-distance travel, these modes offer tailored performance:

  • Hybrid: Balances torque from both electric motor and gas engine for optimal fuel efficiency and performance.
  • Electric: Runs exclusively on electric power until battery levels are low or higher torque is requested, at which point the engine seamlessly engages.
  • eSave: Prioritizes the engine, preserving battery charge for later use. The driver can also choose between Battery Save and Battery Charge options through the Hybrid Electric Pages in the Uconnect 5 screen.

The Grand Cherokee 4xe features a formidable 400-volt, 17-kWh EV battery. Positioned under the vehicle, it is safeguarded by a series of skid plates. The battery system incorporates a dedicated heating and cooling circuit, ensuring optimal performance regardless of conditions.

Export Jeep® Grand Cherokee 4xe Test Vehicle. (WLJeepForum).

The Grand Cherokee 4xe will join the Renegade, Compass, Compass 4xe, Commander, Wrangler, and Gladiator in select Jeep® dealers, in October.

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