Jeep® Avenger Wins 2024 ‘Urban Electric Car of the Year’ Title

electrifying.com Finds The First All-Electric Jeep, Fun For All Ages...

The all-electric subcompact Jeep® Avenger (JJ) has once again asserted its dominance in the electric vehicle (EV) sector by clinching yet another award, the esteemed ‘Urban Electric Car of the Year’ title at the 2024 electrifying.com Awards.

2024 Jeep® Avenger Summit BEV. (Jeep).

Selected for its exceptional achievements and innovations, the Jeep Avenger stood out among its competitors due to its various standout features. The vehicle’s design, crafted by the Jeep® Europe Design Studio in Turin, impeccably blends the iconic Jeep style with a compact build, ideally suited for navigating urban landscapes. Its appeal spans demographics, offering a fun and comfortable package that resonates with diverse buyers.

Ginny Buckley, Founder and CEO of electrifying.com, commended the Avenger as a breath of fresh air, highlighting Jeep’s innovative approach to the evolving mobility landscape. “It’s a fun package that will appeal to buyers of all ages and scores high in terms of battery efficiency, giving potential owners peace of mind when it comes to the distance they can travel,” he said.

2024 Jeep® Avenger Summit BEV. (Jeep).

This recognition adds to a string of prestigious international awards earned by the Jeep Avenger since its introduction. Beginning with the coveted ‘European Car Of The Year 2023’ award in January, followed by titles such as ‘The Best Family SUV,’ ‘Urban SUV and Crossover Category Auto Leader,’ ‘Best Electric City Car,’ ‘The Best Small Car,’ and numerous others throughout the year, the Avenger’s success has been resounding and consistent.

The Avenger encapsulates the essence of Jeep in a subcompact SUV. It combines capability, style, functionality, and technology to express “concentrated freedom.” With a unique 400-volt electric motor, the Avenger boasts a stress-free range of up to 400 kilometers (248 miles) WLTP and up to 550 kilometers (342 miles) in city driving. Its fast-charging capability provides 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) of range in just three minutes.

2024 Jeep® Avenger Summit BEV. (Jeep).

The Avenger’s triumph further cements its position as an exceptional and acclaimed vehicle within the electric car landscape. With its blend of style, urban suitability, and efficient electric powertrain, the Jeep Avenger continues to captivate audiences and accumulate accolades, showcasing its prowess as a frontrunner in the burgeoning EV market.

Robert S. Miller

Robert S. Miller is a diehard Mopar enthusiast who lives and breathes all that is Mopar. The Michigander is not only the Editor for MoparInsiders.com, 5thGenRams.com, and HDRams.com but an automotive photographer. He is an avid fan of offshore powerboat racing, which he travels the country to take part in.

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The change in Jeep leadership at the top was not without serious considerations and I believe that internally there is some confusion and disarray at Jeep. First is the issues at the top of the line up as Wagoneer, Grand Cherokee and Wrangler are witnessing a slow slide in sales and concerns that all three have missed the mark. Dealers manipulating their customer base for selfish reasons has not helped. A serious refresh, pricing adjustment, new marketing strategy and a disciplinary program to get dealers in line is necessary it would seem.
The rest of the line from Avenger to Cherokee is in disarray as models overlap, electrification is muddled and so much model alignment needs restructure that the task is daunting but desperately needed. The Avenger is a start but does it replace the Renegade? Does it come to North America? Does the factory have the global capacity???
Two wild cards in this mix are Recon and Wagoneer S, both planned as “all electric” as electric only car sales sink like a rock and folks are rejecting them in droves. Did anyone say gas engine? Sadly not the design team or leadership.
Obviously the former management team was befuddled, overwhelmed with the task. The potential risk to Jeep clearly is monumental and fundamental to its success and one or two wrong decisions could sink Stellantis’ best brand.
My usual “Willy Wisdom” opinions are stuck in the mud, befuddled and only a trail rated and talented team can dig the brand out of this situation. One thing I know, it’s critical. Life support time !

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The Avenger and its corporate cousins sharing the same platform won't come stateside. The tiny Avenger would have failed here, but the Fiat 600 would have been a good compliment to the 500e. Remember the EU is supposed to go 100% battery electric. Despite the conservative wave in various European elections, the EU regime in Brussels can overrule the national autonomy. Here in North America we also face zero emissions mandates for half the US population. (Who knows what Canada has to deal with.) Jeep has to play the hand they're dealt, so the Recon and Wagoneer S are battery electric and the Renegade retreats to Latin America like the Soup Nazi did. "No Jeep for you!"

Jeep sales are dead. Prices were increased 50% over the last year. The same is true over most of the legacy Chrysler corporation brands. Money is tight and it's hard to finance a vehicle.

Getting back to the EV dilemma. Wake up and smell the Vodka comrade. The Soviet system produced a lot of failure. Utilities were unreliable with blackouts being common. Soviet produced goods were shoddy and poorly engineered. most of this was caused by the party favorites who were promoted to positions of influence. The was no best and brightest rising to the top. Today woke is the party line. Too much of corporate America is run by people who majored in feminist dance theory in college. As far as politics, look at the hassle CARB is giving Fiat-Chrysler. (Stellantis today, this started before the merger.) Anyway it is real banana republic stuff, that would have been a real scandal before the regime change. We are living in a Soviet style socialist dystopia. Nothing works reliably anymore, our transportation infrastructure, the electrical grid, plus we still have empty store shelves. The hollow problematic EV charging grid and the EV mandates are the symbols for all of this.

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