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Alfa To Unveil Compact SUV Concept At Geneva Motor Show:

Compass-Based SUV To Add To Alfa Romeo Lineup...

On March 5, Alfa Romeo is set to unveil their compact SUV concept at Geneva Motor Show. Concept should have a similar, if not identical design, to the production model. 

This model will use an evolved version of a FWD Small Wide architecture and will be developed by a FCA Italy R&D center in Turin. This is in contrast with the RWD Giorgio-based Giulia and Stelvio which were developed by a secret skunkworks (now part of a Maserati R&D) in Modena, Italy. 

We can expect a wide choice of engines, including diesel and mix of different gasoline engines with fresh designs from FCA, like Global Small Engine (GSE) and Global Medium Engine (GME). 

2003 Alfa Romeo Kamal Design. (Alfa Romeo).

Top of the line Quadrifoglio versions should be propelled by 2.0-liter GME capable in a excess of 350 horsepower. To achieve such a high number, it’s very likely that powertrain will consist of a 48-volt mild hybrid system which will fed an electric supercharger to give quick response and near zero turbo lag.

According to an official FCA press release, this car will use the same PHEV architecture as a Jeep Compass. Powertrain will consist of two electric motors including an e-axle and will feature a 1.3-liter GSE as is explained in a previous article

Production is scheduled for September 2020 in a Pomigliano factory near Naples, Italy.


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