Jeep® and the Jeters Start Second Phase Of Their Wagoneer Campaign

Grand Wagoneer L Takes Center Stage In The Latest Marketing Campaign...

In a continuation of their multi-year brand partnership with the Jeep® brand, Derek and Hannah Jeter take center stage in the captivating “Drove All Night” advertising campaign. This campaign introduces the next phase of the Grand Wagoneer, with the Jeters embodying the brand’s commitment to family values and the importance of being present.

Derek and Hannah Jeter appear in the “Drove All Night” ad campaign. (Jeep).

The 30-second “Drove All Night” spot, created by the Jeep brand in collaboration with Chicago-based Highdive agency, tells the story of Derek Jeter’s determination to be with his family. In the commercial, Derek’s plane is grounded due to adverse weather conditions, and he is driven by the urgent need to reach his final destination. The Grand Wagoneer becomes his trusted companion throughout the night, ensuring he arrives home in time to take his children to school and be reunited with his wife, Hannah.

Marissa Hunter, Senior Vice President of Stellantis North America, shared, “The story behind ‘Drove All Night’ was inspired by conversations with Derek and Hannah and their commitment to being present for their family in big and small ways.” She continued, “Both Derek and Hannah are incredibly authentic, successful across many dimensions, and they truly treasure the importance of family and family values. Grand Wagoneer is a perfect fit for their growing family, and we feel very fortunate to have them as part of our Jeep family.”

The “Drove All Night” spot will be featured on various platforms, including broadcast and cable channels, with prime slots during college and NFL football games and Major League Baseball broadcasts. This strategic placement ensures that the campaign reaches a wide and diverse audience.

“Drove All Night” is the latest installment of the Jeter-Jeep® partnership, which was launched in October of the previous year with the debut campaign, “Eyes Wide Open.” The new campaign is underscored by a specially produced music track tailored for the Grand Wagoneer campaign.

Derek and Hannah Jeter appear in the “Drove All Night” ad campaign. (Jeep).

The Grand Wagoneer L takes the spotlight in “Drove All Night.” It is a long-wheelbase variant, offering an additional 12 inches of overall length compared to the standard-wheelbase Grand Wagoneer. These impressive SUVs represent the next generation of the iconic American classic, building on its premium legacy.

In their collaboration with the Jeters, the Jeep brand has tapped into a shared commitment to family values, authenticity, and success, all of which resonate deeply with the Grand Wagoneer’s vision. This partnership showcases the capabilities and luxury of the Grand Wagoneer and underscores the brand’s dedication to celebrating family and togetherness.

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This looks to be a good theme and recognizable spokes person but the clips of features are too quick to register with folks unfamiliar with Jeep features.
In 30 second clips, less would be better as would be longer clips on fewer features.
Would be better in a longer clip.
Folks have been critical of disappointing Wagoneer lineup sales. The new brand of Jeep needs time and patience to grow recognition and gain a foothold over much longer established luxury brands. Give the new branding some space guys.

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The Wagoneer tops our fleet's list for problematic vehicles. Our customer complaint log list all sorts of quality lapses, electrical problems and parts failure.

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