Huge Dealer Markups On 2023 Dodge Challenger & Charger Performance Models

We Have Seen Up To $50,000 On Jailbreak Models...

Just over a week ago, we reported that the first batch of 2023 Dodge Challenger (LA) and Charger (LD) models had started arriving in dealer showrooms. Dodge has made it no secret that 2023 will be the last production year for it’s muscle car duo.

2023 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Jailbreak. (Dodge).

In August, Dodge made the announcement that it would be dropping its HEMI lineup after the 2023 model year and switching to electrification for its hardcore performance models. Showcasing the switch was its 800-volt Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Banshee, which rumors are saying will put over 1,000 horsepower to all four wheels of the next-gen car.

It didn’t take long for diehard muscle car and V8 fans to raise chaos with the decision. With all of the interest focused on 2023 being the last chance to grab a HEMI-powered muscle car, Dodge decided to create a special run of “last call” sticker packages for its two muscle cars and pay homage to both cars’ heritage. 

2023 Dodge Challenger SRT HELLCAT. (Dodge).

Dodge would go on to allocate all of its production for 2023 to its dealer body, prior to the 2023 model year production start. Using its new “Horsepower Locator”, Dodge allowed enthusiasts to easily search all Dodge dealerships by zip code, model, special-edition model, and trim level.

With its “last call” special editions, Scat Pack, HELLCAT, and HELLCAT Redeye models being allocated to those dealers who have the best sales numbers for its performance models, we are now seeing some of those dealers take major advantage of their allocations with massive dealer markups. 

Cars.com with a $50,000 markup on a 2023 Dodge Charger SRT HELLCAT Redeye. (Cars.com).

Yesterday, while browsing Cars.com, we noticed a handful of dealers with listings for HELLCAT models with markups of up to $50,000. Now keep in mind, that when the Dodge Challenger SRT HELLCAT made its debut in 2015, it has a starting U.S. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $59,995 (excluding destination).

Cars.com with a $50,000 markup on a 2023 Dodge Charger SRT HELLCAT Redeye. (Cars.com).

HELLCAT models aren’t the only ones with these huge markups. We have seen markups on all HEMI-powered models including Scat Pack and even R/T models. 

With the highest inflation in over 40 years, high-interest rates, and now these massive dealer markups, we are surprised Dodge didn’t do something like the Chrysler brand did with their limited edition 2023 Chrysler 300C to keep most of their dealer body honest.

2023 Dodge Charger Scat Pack Widebody. (Dodge).

Hopefully, not all of the cars will have massive markups, and some will make it into the hands of customers at a fair price.

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